Is it just me, or does everyone else learn like this?

Is it just me, or does everyone else learn in punctuated steps? When I’m trying something new, I can’t get it right at first. One time, it will “click”, and then I can do it (I still have to practice and get better after that, but I can still do whatever it is correctly). For example, when I was learning to ride, I could only go 2 or 3 revolutions. Then one time, I tried and rode all the way down my street. Then I could ride all the way back. The same thing happened when I was learning how to idle. One time I got it right, then I could do it just fine.

Does anyone else learn like this?

Yes. Its as if your body suddenly ‘gets it’.

Going uphill was tough for me. Couldn’t get a steady cadence, very jerky pedaling. Read some advice given for going backwards, applied it to going uphill, combined it with other stuff my head was figuring out that I couldn’t put words to yet, and voila! It clicked. Now its a cakewalk, except for the burning thighs and heaving lungs…

You are not alone!

Yes and no… I have had tricks that I have learned, been able to do a few times, and than I couldn’t pull it off again for months.

I’m with SpaceFmk. I could do it and then couldn’t. It was so stinking frustrating while learning. Now when I do something new, having an off day is temporary. It’s the great thing about unicycling though. While you become natural at certain aspects of riding, there is always more to learn.

The thing I like about unicycling is that there’s so much to learn - almost every time I ride I notice I can do something (or do something better) than I could the last time I rode.

Aaaahhh, I hate that. I was like that with 360 unispins for about two years. It didn’t help that I kept twisting my ankle.

I ALWAYS learned like that, regardless of what I was learning. It didn’t need to be about unicycling.

I remember the day that I rode 30 meters successfully, the distance down to the end of the sidewalk where it became a crosswalk. From that point, it was like my progress skyrocketed. Suddenly I could reliably turn, a few tries later I went 40 meters, then 60, and eventually I could ride indefinitely.
The same goes with learning a new piece of music, or a new concept in math. One day everything just clicks, and I’ve “got” it.

I never really got around to getting a decent tricks uni, so my fascination born from learning, and the games I played to see how far I could get blossomed into me becoming a distance rider.