Is it finally dying?

I’ve had my Torker LX 24", my first uni for around two months and I’ve known that its only a matter time before it breaks down and dies on me. Ive progressed into hopping and muni. After a nice ride down a grass covered ski slope a few days ago I noticed that my left crank was loose. I rode for a little while and when I got home tightened it as much as I could. Today after riding to school I noticed a creaking sound and realized that the crank was again loose, more so than before so I tightened it again. After about an hour of riding it loosened for a third time. I believe something down there may be bent as well. Has my hub died? Is that why it keeps coming loose or is it as simple as replacing the nut on the crank arm? I was hoping that this uni would last atleast to the spring but im willing to upgrade. If the hub is dead, I plan to relace the uni to a new hub after upgrading to a separate splined uni. Would the 48 hole UDC hub work on the LX?

Riding with a loose crank will almost certainly ruin the crank. It might ruin the axle, as well, but if you’re lucky you only reamed out the tapers of the crank and can just replace it.

Your bolt is fine; the crank itself (and/or the axle) is mangled on the inside.

So I should be looking at new crank arms before I continue riding?

I just found my answer in the post titled “100km ride” thanks guys!