Is it easy to learn hopping on a 24"?

Is it easy to learn how to hop on a 24" torker? Thats what I have, and I’ve been riding for almost a week now and I want to learn how to hop(I can ride fine). Is it harder to learn on a 24"?



they tend to be heavier than 20" but thats what i leared trials on.

do you have the torker 24" lx?

no the cx, whats the difference? Parts?

well the lx has a handel and its much easyr

do you have a aim acaownt we can talk thrugh that



hold on il im u in 1 min

Actually it is very easy to learn to hop on a 24" wheel. I did it myself with little trouble. Simply ride along, come to a stop with the pedals level, and push up with your feet while holding onto the seat. Think pogo stick and you shouldn’t have much trouble. Just remember, since you have the CX don’t try jumping real high or doing drops, since the rim is fairly weak.

Im using my Nimbus 24 for hopping and dropping and generally bouncing around.

And its working fine. But ofcourse its a little heavier than a 20 wheel.

But now when I have a Nokian Gazza 2.5 tire and some really nice pedals I am unstoppeble.

I learned to hop on a 24 inch schwinn, It is much easier to hop on my 20 inch KH trials tho

I think you will be ok. Depends also on how big you are. When I started hopping, I bent the cranks right away, but I was also 215 pounds. I too, learned hopping on a 24" and since I have ridden a 20" for a total of about 20 minutes, I really don’t have much experience on that one. Another consideration is the tire. I can’t tell by the picture on, but if it isn’t that wide, it will fold under if you hop sideways. I say go ahead and try it, but don’t go nuts.

I just played with a 20" for the first time last week, after spending my first year on a 24". WOW!!! Learning to hop on a larger, heavier, more cumbersome wheel will make you WHOOP ASS when you get on a tiny lil’ trials uni.

To answer your question, it will be harder, but it’s worth the effort. If you’re going to do any serious MUni you should damn well be able to hop on your 24" / 26" / ???

…and disregard the ninnies that recommend you “take it easy” on your Torker. I say beat the hell out of it until it breaks (and it will), then get a better uni / wheel / rim / whatever you can afford. There’s no satisfaction quite like destroying something in the act of riding!

I think in one of ParadoX’s earlier posts he mentioned it was new and he was browing it from one of his friends so that might not be a good idea. But if its your uni i toatly agree with you :slight_smile:

Not to be a snob, but breaking your buddy’s Torker is like crashing his Pinto or scratching his Vanilla Ice CD… you’re doing him a favor :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to say that I don’t believe I am a ninny for not wanting to break something when money is a very real object for me right now. If some kid buys a Kmart bike because that’s all he has, I’m not going to tell him to go do technical singletrack with it because the bike isn’t going to handle it and maybe he can’t keep buying bikes and replacing parts. I can’t afford a better uni right now and I sure can’t buy parts for when it breaks. I had a visiting kid to our club severely bend my cranks to the point it was almost unrideable (horrible hopping technique). They were just cheap cranks that came on it. Cheap stuff doesn’t hold up as well as the better stuff. I’m not saying a Torker is cheap at all, but it is going to have its limits, and I don’t see the point to purposely destroying something if it’s not yours or you can’t keep throwing money at it. Now if the uni is his, and/or he has money to spend on it, then fine. Then my point doesn’t apply. But I think it is a good point and I surely don’t enjoy being called names for not wanting to break my stuff and thus spend money that I don’t have.

i learned on a torker 24" and i could hop just fine.if you really think about it you are only jumping 2 inches higher than you would on a 20". so dont worry

You misunderstood my point. I’m saying you (or your buddy) should ride the thing to failure. Don’t let your equipment hold you back; you’ll never find out what you’re fully capable of until you push your limits. You’ll find, instead, you’ll first push the limit of your cycle, to the point of destruction.

Of course nobody has money to throw around. If you’re serious about riding you should spend what money you have wisely. If you know you’re going to ride something to the point of failure, why not get as much ride as you can for your dollar? A decent KH cycle might cost 3 times as much as your buddy’s Torker but I guarantee you’ll be riding the thing at least 10 times longer!

If you’re tough enough to ride something that regularly chews through shins and ankles, you should be able to handle being called a “ninny”. Grow some thicker skin :slight_smile: