Is it bad for the disk brake to store it squeezed?

Hello unicycle friends!

My unicycle tips over all the time, but its much more stable if I wrap a velcro strap around the break lever to prevent the wheel from rolling out from under it. Do you guys know if I’m risking air bubbles in the hydraulics by doing this? I’ve dealt with that on my bike and know it’s a giant headache and messy fix.


I had a cargo bike with some tektro hydraulic brake that had a built in function in the lever to lock it so the bike did not roll when parked. So for some models its fine - but I’m not sure all brakes would survive that.
Why not just get a cheap guitar stand (or wall hanger) of some sort. There are many options.
Read here Unicycle stand for larger wheels or search forum for other options.

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Thanks, Hammer. It’s reassuring to know that locking the disk brakes is fine for at least some designs. Some of those stands in the linked list look tempting. Thanks for sharing that. I’ll continue locking the brake for now and I’ll follow up in a few weeks in case anyone else having the same question comes upon this thread

Thanks for the reference to my post. I have 4 of these stands, perfect for 24 to 32 inch with 3 inch tires, my 36er does not fit.

I have added a 24 oracle and a 36 coker and one more stand since this picture.

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I used to do similar to you by putting an elastic band around the brake lever but now i have cut a small piece of wood that i wedge in the gap between wheel and frame which keeps them from falling over.

You could also use the rubber wedges used for holding doors open, There cheap enough on Ebay and wont cause any damage to unicycle.

Velcro strap around the crank and fork - done.


Although you may get by with it, the brake hydraulic system is not really designed for constant pressure. A very small seep or leak past the any one of multiple seals over an extended period could cause problems. I’d opt for a strap around the tire and frame or another non-hydraulic option mentioned.