Is it all a con?

I only got my first Uni a few months ago and am just getting the hang of
riding it on the pavement and free-mounting so I find it hard to believe the
stories about off-road riding.

These aren’t all made up just to impress beginners like me are they?

Alan (not Rob)

You caught us.

Its all a a lie and the photos & vids in the gallery were fabricated.

Guilty as charged! It’s all in the carefully worded write ups, you know… :wink:

If you keep at it, you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you will find yourself riding ‘off road’, then ‘cross country’, then ‘MUni’… unless of course, you find yourself doing freestyle, or trials… or perhaps you’ll do a combination.

The definition of MUni is simply riding a unicycle on terrain which is chosen because it is challenging to ride on. In the early days, that might be no more than riding off the path and across the lawn, or through a muddy puddle… perhaps dropping off a kerb, or riding up a ramp.

You will find that even the slightest downhill will make off road riding a lot easier. Even the slightest uphill makes it more difficult. If you practise, ride a lot, and set yourself realistic but challenging goals, you will suddenly find you have enough stories to pose as an expert like the rest of us do. :smiley:

I though we told to you to keep quite…

whats your address? we need to send you a package…