Is it a good idea to hacksaw?

Here are the measurements

From seat to crotch= 6-7 inches
Seat Post length= 11.5 inches
Seat post visible= 5 inches,
My seat post is as far down as it can go before it hits the tire.
I’m about 5’ 2"

I’m thinking of hacksawing my seat post down 2" so that I can get better at SI. Is this a good Idea.

I cannot post pics now because my camera is charging

i would say yes, but cut off 1 inch and try with that at first. you can only remove post, not replace it.

yeah. I agree, and if its not low enough, go another inch. Whatever works.

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Yes, just cut it down about an inch at a time… until its short enough. Just leave enough on to be able to put the post up when you want to.

I hacksawed it one inch and my SI has gone way up. I can roll hop things I couldn’t even SI before. Its all great,


I can’t hit 60 cm. SIF static anymore, my record is 65 cm. Will I have to learn to hit these again, or will I eventually get used to my new height and hit them easy? I also admitt I injured my back yesterday on an intense bail, so I’m not exactly feeling my best.

When my back heals and I get used to my new height, will I be able to hit my records again?

It may just take a bit to get used to your new seat height… I find by moving my seat an inch or 2 it feels totally different… Just give it time and you’ll get there dude!

EDIT: One thing i found when moving seat height is that it’ll benefit either SI or SIF and make the other feel hard, until you get used to it.

So you think it’ll come back after a while?

Sure do. And if it doesnt you need to make a decision… put your seat up and go with SIF or keep it low and go SI, in my opinion i’d give it a few weeks.