Is it a Crankflip?

I am just wondering if it is considered a crankflip if your feet are still on the pedals?


I’ pretty sure if your feet are on the pedals its called
a Rev. (revolution;) )

Yeah that’s a rev, which is one hell of a lot easier than a crankflip (because i can rev but there’s no chance in hell i will ever crankflip)

Is it good to learn to do a rev. before a crankflip?

no , it’s two diferent technics

what technique do you recomend for crankflips?


No, it’s a lovely idea, but it’s simply not true.

And be that as it may, I don’t intend to ever try to learn to crankflip, so the staus quo remains.


I think revs help.

Its how i got my first crankflip, they help me build speed when i was starting for my crankflips.

If you can both ride and jump I feel that revs should come without much practice and I don’t feel that they really lend to learning the crank flip. Knowing how to kick flip on a skateboard on the other hand helps a ton as its basically the same exact motion for a crank flip.

I used to skateboard, and found a better sport. lol.

 I am just getting into street and was trying crankflips today, thinking that they are like the kickflip of unicycling. 

Nice comparison Brian.

Thanks, before I realized how similar they were I was trying to spin the cranks by kicking just downwards on the pedals though that wasn’t working out for me. If you kick forward and out like you would for a kick flip I find that it spins a lot better.

thats weird, I can kickflip 90% of the time on my skateboard, but can’t even get close to a crankflip

Because theres a lot more to a crankflip than the flipping. Study Shaun’s crankflip tutorial and ride really slow when you do them.

Are you having trouble with getting a full rotation on the flip or just trouble landing it?

i find revs extremely hard, crankflips are easy

Yeah, I learned to crankflip before I could do a full rev, I thought I was just slow or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to bump the thread, but a better name for a “rev” or “full rev” is “E.T”. I’m not sure how many people use that term already, but it sounds much more street than “rev”, and just about every other street trick has a fancy name for it.

The term E.T is coined from the film E.T, where the little green monster is on the handlebars of the kids bik, and the kid pedals in the air with no point of contact to the ground. Sure is, hell is.

I remember a long time ago there was a thread about this trick in which it was named, and I think Tomsey from Australia was the first one who came up with the name E.T., but it didn’t really catch on as much as Rev…and I think he said a backwards rev is called a rewind, either a backwards rev or a forwards then backwards, is called a rewind.

Yeah, sometimes we call them fastforward, rewind, rev. I like the term E.T and back E.T.
Like crankflip and backflip, et and back et.
Anyways, time to eat chocolate!