I’m going to buy a hub and crank set. Either a Kris Holm Moment or Koxx-One. I’m a little confused because both are ISIS, and the Koxx-One hub seems to only be compatible with Koxx-One cranks? Am I missing something?


PS I’m building 26" MUni wheel, any suggestions for a bomb proof rim?

Yeah, the Kris Holm ISIS hub and cranks are really ISIS. From what I hear the Koxx “ISIS” hub n cranks aren’t truly ISIS. They are a little off, and only fit other Koxx hubs/cranks. So Really they aren’t ISIS. However Im not sure about the new Koxx “Light” cranks and hub. Those might be real ISIS.

A good 26" muni rim is the Sun Doublewide (my first choice), or an Alex DX32.

i would also say sun doublewide. according to UDC it is the strongest DH rim available. And, no the koxx isis hub is not really isis, dont ask me why they call it isis if it really isnt isis though, some people are just “smart” like that

I would just not get a koxx hub all-together :wink:

just in case some of us noobs are wondering… what is isis in the first place?

My understanding of Koxx ISIS v KH ISIS is that the Koxx one is slightly larger, so any other ISIS cranks won’t fit on the hub, however, the Koxx cranks (I think) will fit on some other hubs.

I agree with the sun doublewide, can’t get much better than that.

Edit: ISIS is the hub/crank interface. Like square taper/cotterless, there’s supposed to be a standard size and pattern for a brand to call its product ISIS. You’ll find more info on wikipedia.

Internatinal splined interface standared - Isis hubs will fit any type of Isis cranks
(with koxx fakes being the exception)

  • don’t call your self a noob :wink:

what i dont understand is how koxx calls it isis if it isnt infact isis.

Yes that is one of the wonders of the unicycling world :wink:

Well it still is kind of ISIS. The pattern’s the same, the cranks can (sometimes) be swapped. It’s just the hub.

I think that it might also have something to with the fact that Koxx was the first unicycle manufacturer to bring in ISIS hub/cranks. Like there wasn’t a real need for it to be exactly to ISIS standard.

My guess is marketing. I run into misinformation frequently. Maybe one of us can shoot an email to koxx for an explanation. I would do it but I have barely any idea of what were talking about. I know what a hub is and I know what cranks are.

I remember from bmx many moons ago that a sealed hub was considered good. Is that still the case with unicycles?

Jerrick sent an email a while ago and got this response.

different kinds of hubs. but yea a sealed hub for bcing would work, so if you have a front of a bmx then you can get some plates made and make a bc wheel.

It is isis, they just messed up and made it slightly the wrong size. So it isn’t quite ISIS. But it really is.

so its not isis and yet it really is isis? this is getting really confuisng

The ISIS specification has large enough tolerances that if a ISIS hub
is on the large end of the tolerances and the crank is on the small end
of the tolerances they will not fit. Koxx hubs and cranks are at the
large end of the ISIS specification. KH hubs and cranks are at the small
end of the ISIS specification. Because of this Koxx cranks fit more
ISIS hubs than KH cranks and KH hubs fit more cranks than the Koxx hubs.
It looks like Monty built their hubs to the small end of the spec and
their cranks to the large end. Because of this Monty hubs and cranks are
the most compatible in the unicycle industry.

So both Koxx and KH are ISIS, they just chose to use different ends
of the specification.

In my avatar I have a set of Truvativ Luftalarm ISIS cranks on a Koxx ISIS hub.

'Fuckin stupid that they have any variations at all, they should all be exactly the same.

An example of this from the ISIS spec, the maximum distance between opposite flutes (or valleys) at section A-A on a hub is 17.29 mm. On a crank this distance can be a minimum of 17.27 mm. So there is no way a hub at 17.29 mm is going to fit a crank at 17.27 mm.

I just built a new 26" muni so I can help out a bit, if not alot.

I would stick with the KH isis hub and crankset, it seems to be the most compatible of all the hubs out there at the moment (hehe I made a joke).

For the rim, it really depends on your style of riding, and your terrain around you. I got a Sun Rhynolyte rim, its pretty thin, infact I think its more thin than the DX32 but its strong and pretty perfect for almost all riding.

The big defining thing when choosing a rim is the tire that is to be used on it, and the big defining thing for that is the type of terrain that you will be riding. A 26er is more of an XC machine for most people and even if your cross country riding gets pretty hardcore its still no downhill freeride.

I currently have a 2.3 inch tire on my 26er and its a true 2.3 which means its a bit smaller than my trials tire and actualy for some reason a bit larger than the 2.6 inch tire on the DX 24".

For most 26er riding I would recomend a 2.3-2.6 inch tire, a 3 inch tire or around there is pretty pointless unless you are doing some of the crazy california stuff that some people are doing. That being said, it does add some impact absorption into your riding and will give you more control on snow, super loose gravel, sand and deep mud, but it will also be very heavy and since its so wide it will slow you down alot. A smaller tire will be faster and lighter and still be able to get you through almost any terrain including gravel, packed snow, and light mud. I would really stay away from the fat tires on hardpack and paved stuff though, even most singletrack is better suited to a trials sized tire.

After that little article on tires I would recomend not going larger than a DX32, its certainly big enough for almost any riding you will likely give it.

Also are you going to be getting any brakes on your beast?

I’m just curious, I’m putting some v-brakes onto mine to get some modulation due to short cranks, but I’m curious to see what other people who ride 26ers do.

The plan so far: I’m getting a Koxx 28" Track Monster frame, it has brake mounts for a Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brake. The wheel will be a Kris Holm Moment splined ISIS hub built into a 26" Alex DX32 rim, I’m still considering which tire, the Duro Wildlife Leopard looks good.