Is inner city coker commuting possible?

Lol, and i bet this isn’t helping…

that is so cool!

Thank you, just took it out for a blast and made a complete beginner’s mistake, afrter 4 1/2 mins one crank came very loose suddenly and I had a 25 min walk home. Retorqued both cranks now, going to go for a spin again tomorrow and see how it goes. Funny on the road i felt quite nervous but once on a cycle path i could really crack the speed up comfortably, even when the path surface got rough.

I have rethought this and have decided that inner city coker commuting is not possible.

Too late i think.

Whoa! “The Nimbus 36er hits! Your purse feels lighter!”

I had a UDC 36er already, plus a few upgrades (airfoil. alloy cranks) and have bought the T7 handle. But I’m increasingly feeling the itch to upgrade the frame too - think I’m going to cave in soon.

The uni looks really good in that pic: the colour looks much better than on the UDC website, and the frame looks much better on the big wheel than on its own.

For freemounting, I went through a phase of holding a T7 handle with one hand and the KH handle with another. I’ve abandoned this approach now, because I really need one hand to wave around and balance during a freemount! One hand on the KH handle works well.

I’m not sure I like having the KH handle on there, so I might consider removing it entirely at some point - I’ve got lots of stuff mounted on the handlebars so it’s difficult to grab it when wearing gloves anyhow.

With water bottle, cyclometer, lights, etc, my 36er has more stuff mounted on it than most people’s bikes :slight_smile: