Is Breathing and Music Syncronated to your Riding?

Well recently I have started listening to music while I ride. I really like it, as I’m always alone and it kind of pumps me to go bigger and stuff. I’ve noticed that my hops and riding is synced to my music. I’ve also noticed that my breathing is. Whenever I compress my tire, hop, whatever, I breath right before doing it.

Thoughts? Discuss.

Thats natural. Your riding to music, but if your riding isnt with the music your listening to, it just feels weird, so most people, even without knowing it, will be more in-tuned to the music they listen to while riding. I always tend to jump right on the beats, so it keeps me in pace and fluid.

For the breathing, that is good. In many martial arts, right before they do a punch or a kick, they scream out a “Ah!” or anything along those lines.

They do it, one, because when in a fight, it can actually surprise their enemy and catch them off guard. Two, its like a little shot of adrenaline when and gives you some extra power. It really works too.

So when your riding and breath in, your just getting ready for the amount of force your about to put out by doing a gap or rolling hop up some stairs. =p

i just plays songs from memory in my head :wink:

I loved listening to music, that was until I started doing more technical tricks. If I am trying to do a trick that I haven’t landed (that is really hard) I will take of my music. I find for trials and big street its great though.

As for breathing, I always puff my face out. In anything that requires power, volleyball (whilst serving or spiking) and doing unicycle stuff.



he does

I always screem AH! after I fall and am frustrated:)

but my mouth is always open.

I used to hold my breath riding trials. A friend spotted it when i was doing a section with several hops across sets of pallets and I was gasping for breath by the end. As for music, i cant imagine wearing headphones while doing trials, and for muni and distance it never seemed practical with traffic and everything.

Hah I also tend to not breath when doing things like that. I was actualy talking to a friend of mine and she was doing an exersize science project and wanted to know of sports when you hold your breath alot, and I was like, “don’t you hold your breath alot for all sports?”

More on the topic though, I really love listening to music, it really defines my style for the day. I have a wide range of stuff at least in speed and style of beats that I tend to listen to and I find that I can tell how my riding is going to be like just by what I feel like listening to. If I am listening to something along the lines of the blue scholars for example I tend to favour more flowy riding with lots and lots of 180s and manny pad stuff. If I am listening to some like Bossa Nova stuff I will probably be favouring trials. If its more Drum’n’Bass then I will be doing really fast stuff like grinds and stuff.

Yeah I do hold my breath in a lot of spots while riding challenging terrain, and if I do a bunch I find myself close to being out of breath. As I have improved it required much more challenging terrain to do so.

I haven’t experimented with music yet. Since most of my riding in town it might not be a good idea so I can stay very aware of what the traffic is doing.

:frowning: :frowning: About three weeks ago a recycling truck drove over and killed a cyclist at a stoplight four blocks from my house. And she was even wearing a bright green cycling jacket. :angry: :angry: