Is trust able?

Hi, I just wanted to ask is a trust able site to buy from? because i was think of buying a uni from them.


A lot of people gave bought from their and have got their unis so I would say so. I’ll be able to tell you for sure once my friend gets his in.

I’ve gotten a KH Trials and KH 29 from BI. The 29 came with dual hole Moments and a Nevegal, whereas the site advertises 150mm Moments and a WTB Stout. The KH Trials was back orderd a week, but came as described.

I have exchanged e-mails with the ower, he’s pretty responsive.


its shhhed

… once they get told off by kris, another site will sell the unis at a legit price…
its going to happen, its called competition.

Hey… I got my KH 24" Muni from them. No shipping cost and they were very responsive. Came when they said it would.
Go for it1

i cannot find the unicycles on their website…

Its under Accessory Kits

And its all '07 models

thanks much :slight_smile:

If it’s the place I’m thinking of, it’s kind of a squirrely deal. They are in Plano, which is just a few miles over from where I am. But they don’t have a “Bike Island” retail store. But there is some retail store there- Cycle Spectrum or something like that- that sells the same stuff. Only if you pick it up, they charge the same as the shipped price even though there’s no shipping. Seems like they sell or did sell on Ebay under a different name (looking just now, I find the BikeIslandSite or something like that, with a bunch of Gravity unicycles). And seems like they may be connected with Bikes Direct, but I’d have to go back and look that up. Anyway, it’s not quite the straightforward operation that you’d expect.

Yeah, here’s the website for Cycle Spectrum- same address as shown for Bike Island:

I’m sure Kris knows about it alredy.:wink:

Finally found info on Bikesdirect, it is part of the same operation: is the brainchild of David Sander, a 44-year-old Texas entrepreneur whose roots in the business go back to 1985. Over the past 10 years, Sander has helped put together the Houston-based 35-store Cycle Spectrum chain, with sales estimated at $17 million. Bikesdirect is a separate enterprise, a nine-month-old company with four employees that draws its goods from Cycle Spectrum’s massive inventory but otherwise operates independently.”

You can trust them.

They don’t deliver to Europe so not good for me :angry:

Yeah I’m fo sho this time cause my friends just came in.