Is Anyone doing the London marathon on a Coker?

Just wondering? i know its been done before what are the details?

ps on sunday!

I don’t think wheels are allowed but is anyone doing it normally?

I’m suprised they would have allowed a coker, sounds like bending the rules too far. if it is allowed, I’d definitely would enter next year!

I’d be really surprised if it’s ever been done? It’s just so crowded, even riding a small unicycle would be annoying and involve getting pushed off all the time. Are you sure you’re not thinking of the London to Brighton, which people have done on a unicycle (although it doesn’t sound amazing, again it’s pretty crowded and on the interesting hilly bits you can’t ride because there are too many people walking).

The only way there’d be any point would be if you could get a start about half an hour before the runners, but there’s no way they’re ever going to do that what with all the preparation, police stuff etc. involved.

If you’re interested in riding in a marathon for some reason, your best bet is to try and get allowed into some other wheeled marathon event, like the goodwood roller skate one, <> or the London inline marathon or something.

If you’re interested in something similar in challenge to getting an okay time in a running marathon, I’d suggest a similar coker challenge is 100 miles in 10 hours. 26 miles on a coker is nowhere near the level of challenge involved in running 26 miles.


I’m doing the London to Brighton on the Coker this year.

I did it last year on a bike, and it is pretty horrendous in places, crowds of (bad) cyclists pushing up the smallest of hills, but the atmosphere is amazing, and the ride into Brighton at the end with hundreds of people lining the streets is like finishing Le Tour. Should be even more fun on the Coker.

I’ve managed to get the first available start time, 6am, so hopefully it won’t be too busy, and I can finish in under 8 hours including stops :slight_smile:


What time do you think you might get to Ditchling Beacon? Sometimes I go over there to watch, so I’ll be able to cheer you on. Are you going to take a tick list so you can tally up all the ‘you’ve lost a wheel’ and associated comments.

8 May in Düsseldorf you can enter the Marathon with a unicycle, but rules are strict:

• maximum wheel size 28"
• maximum cranks 114 mm
• gear ratio 1:1
• no spd (who want to use spd anyway?)

They also have races for inlines and handbikes (wheelchairs?). All these vehicles are starting well before the marathon runners.

Hopefully around midday, I’m really not sure though. I’m riding up to around 40 miles at the moment and averaging around 10 miles an hour (not including breaks). So the riding shouldn’t take more than 5 hours, but then there’s the stopping to avoid stupid cyclists, food stops, and so on.

I’ve been keeping track of comments for the last few weeks, the winners are “He’s lost half his bike” and “Look! It’s got a mudguard!” which is true, it does have a mudguard. Nothing like the Great British public for pointing out the obvious :wink:


Dude, show me a pic of that mud guard. I want to mount one.

I thought the same thing. I have done the London Marathon twice. It is very crowded; almost like being on the floor at a rock concert. The rules and judges are very strict and the course is well controlled.

I just don’t see how it could be pulled off.

Re: Is Anyone doing the London marathon on a Coker?

halfbike requested:
> Dude, show me a pic of that mud guard. I want to mount one.

I can show you a picture of mine:

Bigger picture here:

It’s a mountain bike style clip-on-the-seatpost job, bought for a few
quid from LBS.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

Here it is,

It’s a Crud guard from my LBS. It’s made of a really nice flexy plastic so it survives UPDs. The angle’s a bit weird because it’s designed for bike seatposts but it works great.