Is an Unbike a Uni/Mono Cycle?

I was wondering if an “unbike” (bike with bars/stem connected directly to fork with one wheel and pegs) is considered a unicycle?

I have been riding for a couple of days and really love this sport. I haven’t seen too many people doing it, but I really want to ride with some other unicycle (type) enthusiasts to improve my balance.

I am currently riding at the Verdun Circus School and would enjoy meeting some other riders. I also would like to ride indoors with any unicyclists in Montreal over the winter.

If you can help me out, that would be tres cooooool.


I think unbikes are different to unicycles and are more of a BMX flatlanders’ thing. Unbikes are similar to but not the same as unicycles in the same way that ultimate wheels and BC wheels are related to but not the same as unicycles. I had a go on an unbike and found it challenging to say the least - way harder than riding a BC wheel! Max Dingemans has a somewhat related unicycle which he calls a ‘coaster’ - a unicycle with a freewheeling wheel and pegs instead of cranks and pedals. There are some videos of him riding it at the 2002 UNICON opening ceremony somewhere.