Is a unicycle saddle bad for your manhood ?

The prototype saddle that Kris was riding at Moab Muni Fest had a groove down the middle. I would expect the next generation of KH seats to have that groove.

John, do you guys have photos of a cut up Myata saddle just to give me an idea of how far it goes ? A couple of inches long (5cm) ?

John do you have pictures of that KH prototype saddle ?

No pictures of the KH prototype saddle. But from the outside it looked no different than a regular KH saddle. With the cover on you can’t see the groove in the foam. The only way to notice was to pick up the uni and feel the seat.

The saddle was based on the newer KH seats that have a dual density foam. The dual density foam seats are a little thinner than the old KH seats.