Is a unicycle saddle bad for your manhood ?

Hey guys, this is a question for you doctors and physiologists out there. Recently bike saddles started to be reshaped in order to improve the blood flow were people seat. This is what I’m talking about
Now I was wondering if there would be any issue with a unicycle saddle given that our entire weight rests on our bottom (or our taint if you dare call it that).

Is there any modification or plan to address this issue ?

The idea of cycling-caused impotence was created by people with products to sell. Don’t worry about it.

Unicyclists don’t tend to put the same amount of hours on the saddle as road cyclists.

Also a unicycle seat is wider, and curved to more comfortably spread out the weight.

I hope John doesnt mind but i grbbed this from his Airseat Gallery,

As you can see John cut a groove in his saddle foam for this very reason. Myabe you could try that?

actually it’s prove to do no permanent damage, but you will be temporarily impotent if you a reg rider.

Same prob if you wear them tight 70’s jeans.

Dude, it sounds like you’ve got other problems besides riding the uni too much. Riding daily has never had any ill effects on my anatomy, other than a bit of soreness in the legs and the usual bumps and bruises. The missus could back me up here, but we like to keep our private life… private :sunglasses:

Yup, still virile here too. :wink:

I have no problems with this. I unicycle AND wear tight low-rise women’s jeans (which cause no constriction in THAT area…otherwise I wouldn’t wear them)…A male who wears women’s clothes? No, I’m no hardcore scenester…I enjoy the music and the culture of the 70s…and I’m a skinny little vegetarian, so baggy clothes look gross on me.

Thieum–I ride seat-out trials, and my seat is tilted so rear part of the seat is flat, for the few times I’m actually on the saddle during a trials ride.

sperm count not “oh i need viagra now” :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a distinction that some people need to realize, being sterile does not mean you have lost the drive or your ability to “get it up and go”.

Scrotum abnormalities

I read in a recent journal that 70% of hard care mountain bikers had scrotal abnormalities. Also, know several serious road bikers with prostate problems have been told by their MDs to lay of the bikes. The up side as this was the justification I used for a new full suspension bike!!!

slap a rubber band on em and watch em drop off, problem solved :smiley:

I doubt it’s a problem, but if you’re conserned about it: Check your erectile function regularly and see a doctor if you start experiencing problems.

ive got a fairly cheap unicycle calle the 20" Shark. it was my first uni and the padding on the seat was very thin, thinner than a bike seat. the seat is also fairly flat and it doesnt hurt ur manhood as such but it crunches the bones down there.

cheers, keep it wheel.

Be careful how you post things. Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me.

I rode in Levi 501 Jeans all through college on a standard 1970’s Schwinn seat. They had a vinyl cover over foam padding. Never presented any problems except for the occasional saddle soreness after a longer-than-usual ride. Once the foam started to wear out I added several layers of socks on the advice of Ben Linder. Too bad we didn’t know about air seats back then, that seat is an easy air seat conversion.

More recently, other than the occasional saddle soreness from wearing shorts or pants with too thick seams in the crotch, none of my seats have given a problem.

There was that first 5+ mile Coker ride without dismount on the original Viscount seat. It took a few minutes of standing up for the numbness to resolve :o .

I have experienced secondary (non “performance” related) problems from my road bike seat the year we trained for and rode a one day double century (non-metric). I think the old prostate was a bit mad at me for that stunt.

So yes, make modifications to your seat for comfort but the chances of “permanent damage” seem pretty low.

Here’s my old Schwinn seat set-up:

Schwinn Seat.jpg

For the most part, that covers it. There have been a few discussions of this a few years back, that went into more detail. But so far I can’t recall any reports of unicyclists becoming impotent from unicycling. That includes mega-long-distance riders like Lars Clausen and ultramarathoners like Ken Looi.

Maybe they’re just not telling us? No, I trust those guys to give us full disclosure about their unicycling experiences, even if they have to type from a hospital bed in Bangkok.

The bike riders suffering from these problems are mostly roadies who train hundreds of miles a week, week after week. HOWEVER, unicycle saddles are probably worse on the centerline of your crotch than most bike seats. It’s mostly about the angle of our pelvic structures on the seat, vs. the full rider weight there (unless you’re leaning on a handle).

But we’re just not the saddle for the kinds of hours those heavy-duty roadies are. The ones most likely to “abuse” their crotches are people who crank out lots of miles. Just the other day someone mentioned to me he likes riding his Coker as long as there are some hills. If the road is flat for more than 2-3 miles, it starts really bothering his crotch. This is partly because he doesn’t have a big handle to help support some of his weight.

Be sure to shift around if you do lots of long rides. Move the pressure points. Also I like my longer handle on my Coker, which offers me a couple of different hand positions, and allows me to lean forward a bit, and change my pelvic angle to something more like a bike. I think this helps.

But it’s not about the front-to-back curve in the unicycle saddle. The problem area is the side-to-side curve. If your saddle is highest in the middle, it’s putting pressure on the “danger area.” So cutting a slot down the center of the seat not only takes some pressure off of there, It also focuses more pressure near your sit bones, like a bicycle seat. Makes for a more comfortable ride. I used to do the same thing with my old Miyata seats.

Also if you use air seats, you can stick a spacer between the two halves of the tube, so you have tube on the left, right, and a little gap in-between. Even without a spacer, a well-arranged air seat puts less pressure down your centerline.

The growing number of unicyclist’s children at BUC would seem to surgest its not a serious problem:-)

It’s rumoured that next gen KH seats will have a groove down the middle. I’m not a serious rider and I don’t want any serious problems so I just get off and walk if I’m not comfortable.

It’s rumoured that next gen KH seats will have a groove down the middle. I’m not a serious rider and I don’t want any serious problems so I just get off and walk if I’m not comfortable.