is a nimbus 20 inch trials a decent unicycle

i was considering getting a nimbus 20-inch trials because i can do the basics of unicycling and i thought it would be a could bridge to getting into trials. if you have any comments negative or posstivie, please reply to the thread. a picture of it is at
thank you

well everything is fine on it just the hub and cranks are what yuo whant to be woried about because they will bend

I bought this uni a while back, but quickly learned that the crankarms(or any non-splined) couldn’t take the abuse of trials for any longer period of time. The entire uni is a great deal, for the money, but if you can save up for a splined trials such as the Onza or Qu-Ax.

You should buy this if ou want to, but don’t be supprised if in a few months or so you will have to buy a new cranks/hubset, because you go through cranks like there’s no tomorrow.

However, if you stay at a drop height below 4’ you should be ok for now…

yeah the onza would be good but the new kh is good too

My brother who is 70lbs does 4-foot drops on his with bad landings and its still solid, make sure you tighten the crank bolts and locktite them or they could come lose and round out the square taper. Remember though trials is more about getting up obstacles than just jumping off them.

The nimbus is excellent as long as you don’t do any huge drops or anything like that on it. When you get good enough to do so, then you can just buy a new hub/crankset.

Don’t worry Justin, that uni will be perfect for you. Once you start doing more serious trials and bend stuff, you can look into a stronger hub. The advice given here is for higher level riders. Since you are still working on the more basic aspects of trials, this would be good.

I agree with gerblefranklin. I have a nonsplined trials uni, and I’m perfectly fine with it. I’ve bent some cranks, but I’m pretty happy with the ones I have now, They seem to stand up to what i’m doing.

Two of my friends purchased the 20" Nimbus trials to learn on. They’re getting to the point where they idle, do small hops, and take it out on the trail with us. It holds up fine for all of that. I wouldn’t any serious, video-worthy, break-my-leg-if-I-screw-up kind of trials on it, though. If you’re just learning now you have a good while before you’ll need to upgrade. My sister just picked one up a week ago, too (although she’s tiny–probably hold up for her even after she gets hardcore with it).


Recieved my nimbus alittle while ago and got a poznanter hub with it as well. Perfect combo for everything. Without the poznanter hub it’s just a normal cotterless hub. Can’t be that strong, keep the drops decently small. laters


A 70 lb person doing 4 ft drops is totally different from a 175 lb person doing 4 ft drops. Things would be much easier if we all weighed as little as 70 lbs. :slight_smile:

Well actualy he weights 78 :slight_smile:

I, imasurferdude13, who started the thread weigh about 120 lbs, and if that changes anything please say so. thank you for all your help. if anyone that lives in the bay area and has 1 i mite be able to try out please reply.
thanks so much everyone