Is a max 40psi tire okay for me?

I weigh 200 pounds and have the black Torker. The tire that came with it
says max 65psi, and indeed, it feels most comfortable to me at that
pressure. I’ve replaced the tube a couple times successfully, but lately
the tire looks pretty bald, so today I bought another. This one says max
40psi. Should I look for a tire close to the original? Will the new one
feel different?

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A lot of unicyclists inflate there tires to 150% anyway. If you want a tire with a higher rating, the best place I’ve found is They have tires rated 85-120 psi, if you want 'em.

I don’t go by the tire rating so much as I go by how close my rim is to the road when I’m riding.

Re: Is a max 40psi tire okay for me?

Well, I started at 40psi and gave that a shot. … Rubbery! Brand new tire
and very elastic, the whole experience. I’ll bring it up to 50 and see if I
can live with that. I may have to get a higher rated tire, like you


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Re: Is a max 40psi tire okay for me?

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 07:03:57 -0400, “David Stiller” <>

>I may have to get a higher rated tire

If that means throwing away the 40-psi-rated tyre, why not pump it up
further and see what happens? The worst would be a loud BANG before
scrapping the tyre anyway.

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The important thing is to make sure the tire is properly seated. For many years, unicyclists have over-inflated their tires because true unicycle-specific tires have been rare or nonexistent. The skinnier your tire is, like a regular Torker tire, the more air you need in it. Especially if you’re a large adult.

Give your wheel a spin and watch the edge of the tire at the rim. If it’s even all the way around, you should be pretty safe putting lots of air in there.

100psi in a 1 3/8 tire (what was the rating?)

Hi John,

that’s an interesting point. Among other things, my son and me are into track racing as well.
Both tires we use (20"x1 3/8" & 24"x1 3/8") are rated up to 3.8bar (55psi).
Up to now I pumped them up to around 4.2bar (61psi).

Do you remember the rating of your racing tires?
I wonder how much beyond the rating one could sensibly go?

I assume, you deflated your tires after the race, or is this an unnecessary precaution?