Is a KH fusion freeride saddle more comfortable than a Nimbus gel?

So, I’ve never ridden a KH fusion freeride saddle, but I’m considering getting one. Are they more comfortable than a nimbus gel?

I have the older freeride version on my 26” muni and it’s really comfy. I have the newer version on my 24” . That is just as comfy but the seat covering is different. I tried the nimbus gel seat when it came with another uni (forget which one :roll_eyes: ) Sat on it, thought, ‘’ ooh, not as comfy’’ and swapped it over for the freeride. So not a lot of help I know, but first impression…freeride is more comfy.
Though the nimbus gel is a lot comfier than my first seat, That was like sitting on a brick :stuck_out_tongue:

I love mine on my KH29. Never ridden the gel. But the freeride on my 29 has never given me any pain. Trying to transition to the street now and having some issues adjusting…

Stock, the KH FFR is more comfy since it has less of a curve in it. However, you could flatten either one, and it’ll be worlds better. A flat Nimbus Gel would be better than a stock KH FFR. If you flatten both, the KH probably still has the edge.

Ffr by far

Comfort is different for every rider

the gel i believe is firmer slightly

freeride soaks up almost anything and has the channel.

dont dismiss the street saddle or slim

Depends on what you ride and personal preferences.

me i like firm so fusion slim or street for me. specially over distance. yet freeride for local, messing about and friends to try riding is more ideal.

All of course Flat. what ever you do or choose make it flat. Flat is in!