is a 20 inch uni aright for muni

i own 20 inch uni with a well treaded 2.125 tyre is it alright for Muni

20" uni’s are fine for muni, the main reason why u dont hear about ppl buying 20"'s for muni, is becoz the wheels arent that big, which means more pedalling and not as much control down hill and all that.
i had a crappy 20" no name brand uni from the lbs, that i used to go muni-ing on all the time, it is still great fun, no matter wat size the wheel is!! it just takes more energy to ride a 20" on a full-on muni ride!:wink:

its useable…but a bigger wheel, like 24" or more, is about a BAZILLION times funner than a 20" wheel.

On Sat, 31 Dec 2005 19:44:50 -0600, dan de man wrote:

>i own 20 inch uni with a well treaded 2.125 tyre is it alright for Muni

It is useable. Many trials unicyclists who MUni occasionally use their 20". The lower speed is an issue, but another problem is that the smaller wheel gets stuch easier in ridges, behind roots etc, than the larger wheels sutch as 24" that just roll over such obstacles.

All depends what you mean by “muni”.

My first uni was a Pashley 20 UMX - as in BMX with one wheel. I had never heard of muni, but I used to ride it on footpaths and bridlepaths and the like.

Now I have a 26 inch Muni and a Coker and I find the 20 painfully slow.

Other problems: you get pedal strike on roots and rocks. The wheel easily gets bogged down, and it trips more easily.

On the plus side, it feels less risky as there is less distance to fall, it’s more manoeuvreable, it’s lighter, and it’s easier to stop or idle. If you are given to hopping and dropping, then I guess the smaller lighter wheel has to be better for that.

On a smooth sculpted surface (like a BMX course) you can whizz about on a 20 like nobody’s business. On serious mud and roots cross country, a 20 is just the wrong machine.

No doubt an occasional muni ride on a 20 is good for practice, and for breaking the monotony. If you can ride a patch of rough ground on a 20, it will never appear difficult again on a 26.

Try everything once.