is a 16 to small

my wife wants to learn to ride the uni she’s 5 foot and only wants to learn. is a 16 to small should i go with a 20 all i have is a 24 and 36 and she wont ride those.

I wouldn’t get a 16" for anyone over 4 feet tall; a 20" is a much more reasonable unicycle. And there’s no reason she can’t ride a 24", but you might as well get a 20" if it will help her get over her fear.

I would say 16" is too small. A nice 20" is usually the best the learn on.

I’d say go with a 20 inch because I had no problem riding a 20 inch when I was smaller than 5 feet. You may need to cut the seatpost down but that’s all.

I learned on a 24 and it was great, but a 20" would work too.

With a proper seat post length I don’t think a 16" would be too much trouble but I’d recommend a 20".

i guess the 20s have it. i know she could rid a 24 but shes not comfortable on it. so i figure if she is scared she wont want to learn

I’m 5’1" and I ride a 20. You just have to chop off like almost have the seat post.

Bah, just because a bunch of people say that they learnt on a 20 doesn’t mean that it would be better than learning on a 16.

The most important thing for learning is that your wife feels comfortable on whatever unicycle you get. Let her make the decision on which unicycle to buy.

When I learned, on a 24 I got to the point where I could ride fairly consistently next to a rail w/o touching it, but a 24 and a 20 were both too scary for me to ride w/o the rail. A 16" w/ a long seatpost squelched enough of my fears to go w/o the rail.

You could try longer cranks. That will lower her to the ground, reduce speed, increase control, and be easier to step off. Too long of cranks can contribute to knee problems, so for a short person, I would say anything longer than 152 mm should probably be avoided. Also some people hit the pedals on the ground frequently w/ 150’s on a 20" in tight turns.

The easiest to ride setup that I’ve tried is a 16" wheel w/ 127 cranks. It was kind of like pedaling a box and you can only do very wide turns w/o hitting the pedals, but it was great for getting the basics down (I used this for learning to ride backwards).

i was around 5’ when I learned and I had a 20" my dad also does better on my 20".