Is 6.75 mi on my 24" equiv to 10 mi on a Coker?

I made just over 6.7 mi out & back today on my 24" torker and it occured to me to see how far I’d have gone with the same strokes on a Coker. Using the circ. numbers from one of the Coker threads it came out to about 10 miles. I’ve never been on anything but this uni so my question is would it be about the same in terms of effort. Obviously speed would be higher and it would be harder to turn on the bigger wheel but what else would really be different?

(Had wanted to get in a legit 10 miles but my freetime has been mauled by work stuff lately. Stamina appears to be there and the mean time between UPD is improving.)

Oh, and I ran into another unicyclist. He was on a mountain bike at the time but stopped to chat. Sounded impressed with my progress so far. Said he periodically rides the same path on a 26" Sym and didn’t know of any other uni riders in the area. Will probably run into him again as it’s common to recognize folks that use the path on a regular basis. Hope to see him out on his uni.

p.s. This is probably a question for another thread but here goes. I’ve done a bit of work brazing 4130 chro-mo in the past. What wall thickness would be appropriate for… standard seat tubes and forks constructed similar to Hunter’s dual 1/2" struts?

Is 6.7 miles on a 24 the same as 10 miles on a Coker?

36/24 = 1.5
1.5 x 6.7 = 10.05

So “in a sense” the answer is yes.

But there are too many variables to make a direct comparison. A 24 will go up and down hills better than a Coker. A Coker will go over bumps and rough ground better than a 24. Then there’s crank size to consider. If you have 150mm cranks on a coker, and 150mm cranks on the 24, then the comparison is quite direct. If you put 102mm cranks on the 24 then the ‘gearing’ is about the same - so does that make the comparison better or worse?

It’s fair to say that 6.7 miles on a 24 is an achievement “on the same scale as” 10 miles on a Coker.

Well done, anyway.:slight_smile:

I like how you worded that in an almost equivocal way Cubby, it sounds like you were riding agressively. Keep it up!

What a surprise to see Mikefule as the first on the scene of a Wheelsize comparison thread. Sorry I know nothing about 4130 Chro-mo, mine is 6160 Aluminium.

Going 6.7 miles on a 24" is admirable. The saddle time is probably equivalent to the saddle time doing 10 miles on a Coker. The expended energy is not the same.