Paul has just seen an ad on TV with a unicyclist in it… for BMW

thats BmW cars, not the BMW. And to think that when I approched them for
assistance they “no longer surport cycling activities”. Ho hum, the left hand
never know what the ad agency are doing eh.


RE: Irony

> So why not just glue a magnet to the inside of one of the cranks (whichever
> one you have down when you hover)? Or glue it to the edge of the rim - it’s
> not as if it’ll interfere with the brakes.

Most cycle computers require that the magnet and sensor be very close together;
usually 1-2mm or so. The crank arm would be too far away, unless you stuck out
some kind of extension that would likely be broken off.

As unicyclists, we have to get used to customizing the “traditional cycling
world” to fit our needs. Though I haven’t seen the specific magnet you’re trying
to attach, the junction of two spokes seems the most logical spot. If necessary,
the magnet can be attached to a small piece of metal, or even two, which
sandwich the spokes at the junction and are held together with a couple of
screws. Simple and inelegant. Don’t worry about the extra weight - it should be
relatively unnoticeable on that big heavy wheel.

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone (reply to

“I’m okay, I crash like that a lot.”

  • Dan Heaton