Is there a unicycle IRC channel around anywhere? I use IRC a lot, and it’d be nice to find more fellow unicyclists online.

#unicycle ? Do people still use IRC for anything more than warez and the like?

i dont even know what IRC is

Internet Relay Chat - it’s a chat method from “back in the day”. There’s still a decent amout of people that use it, but nothing close to before.

ICQ climbed up on the back of IRC, paving the way for AIM.

I’m gonna bump a few threads for this IRC

#unicycle on


/me does

You gonna be on the IRC a bit then? :stuck_out_tongue:

The group of people on is growing :slight_smile:

What’s IRC? I know there are IRC tires but I’m sure that’s not about tires:p

Internet Relay Chat

Basically a live chat so you can talk to other unicyclists. Unfortunately a lot of them don’t seem too keen to chat to other people :stuck_out_tongue:

I placed an webclient at

Well it may encourage people to go on it. We’ll have to see. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: