Irc stuff.

Here’s the latest on the IRC unicycling live stuff. I’ve had four
responses now from people wanting to chat live regarding unicycling. I
would guess that there are more than four people out there with access to
the IRC, but only one day has elapsed since my first post, so maybe
there’ll be more to come. I don’t know if it’s worthwhile to set a time
and place yet, but I guess I might as well do it and we’ll see what
happens. For me, Thursday night @
9:30 or 10pm eastern time would be ideal. The most conveniant place that I can
think of, because of connectability, is the Undernet server. I do believe that
the server address for that is To get there, in case you
don’t already know, you use the /server command, followed by the address; like
this: /server If you want, you can specify port 6669 or
6667, usually though, this is automatic. I’ll be awaiting you in a room called
#uni. I assume that if you’re using the IRC you know how to get to rooms.
Here’s one potential problem: Once in a while, my connection wont work, if
this is the case, quite simply, I wont be waiting for you in #uni. If people
have big problems with this, lemme know. I just guessed at a good time so it
all can be changed. Konrad: I think your time zone is 6 hours earlier than
est. std. time, though I’m not totally sure.

Hope to see a lot of you there, Thursday night, 9:30 or 10pm est. Undernet,
#uni. My name’s karl, online I’ll be AstroMan, goodnight.

                 // o o <*> Karl Frankowski <*> o o \\
         \\ /|\ /|\ <*> Unicyclist with a club, <*> /|\ /|\ //
               // << << <*> 250 miles away. <*> >> >> \\
               \\ O O <*> Astro.Man@Njackn.Com <*> O O //