IRC 19"x2.5 tubes

Hey all, been a few years since I have popped in! Anyway, was cleaning a bunch of stuff up and stumbled upon a bunch of 19" IRC tubes.

These tubes were originally made for scooters. Although they say “motorcycle” on them, they are actually about half way between the thickness of a bicycle and normal motorcycle tube.

NOTE: The box says 15x2.5. Motorcycle measurement method of tires/rims is different than that of bicycles. 19" Bicycle = 15" Motorcycle.

Full 2.5 size, no more over inflating BMX tubes. These tubes are the EXACT size for Monty/CreepyCrawler/Koxx trials tires.

Thickness, proper size and metal valve with threaded lockdown nuts allow you to run lower pressure without fear of tire slippage ripping valve.

$10ea including shipping, Paypal. USA only.

Back to your regularly scheduled program :slight_smile:


how old are they? how many do you have? how much is shipping?

They have been out of production for years. They are not dry, if that is a concern.

I have a pile of them…have not counted them… 50+? as I said, shipping is included (USPS).

dang why so many?

Guess they just got burried in the last move! I used to sell trials and some uni stuff. Still do Plazmatic… have no idea how the tubes got burried.

will you only take paypal? I don’t have paypal but I have some checks. :smiley:

same here :slight_smile:

No worries. e-mail me ( and we’ll get it worked out.

Are these still for sale?

Got mine today. Love it. Fits like a glove.

I’ve had the tube installed for a few days now and wow. What a difference. The tube that I had on my trials/street uni was a standard 20" tube that was overfilled to fit(like that when I bought it). With the new IRC tube, I feel like I have a lot more pressure control. It was hard to fine tune the psi before but now, it’s no problem. I also really like the metal, bolt-on valve stem. It’s much easier to inflate/deflate now. Not to mention the added comfort of knowing that it’s going to put up with a lot more abuse than my old one. This alone has gotten me trying bigger stuff that I wouldn’t have done with my old one, for fear of either popping the tube or bottoming out. $10 shipped is an awesome deal, imo. I’m thinking about getting a couple more, just to have.

Okay, review over. Sorry for the threadjack, I’m just really happy with the purchase and thought I’d share. These would probably be great for heavier riders(me), people who run at low psi or, for folks who pop a lot of tubes.

Oh, in case anyone wanted to know, this is the unicycle that it’s installed on;

Monty 19"x2.5" trials tire and Monty aluminum rim.