Iraqi children try to ride a Coker...........

with very little success.

This if from a trip on the 10th to distribute supplies to the Iraqi
children. I brought my Coker to demonstrate for them. Only real problem
was, the Iraqis think that when something is being taken off the truck, it
is going to be given to them. It took quite a lot of "NO!!"s for them to
get that they could not have it. This guy getting on the Coker in the
picture later tried to run off with it, I grabbed the uni and easily won
the tug-o-war though. Over all, a great time.

Some of the Iraqis claimed to have Unicycles at home, go figure.

Here is a link to the web page where the picture was posted along with a blerb -

Man, that was probably the coolest thing they have seen or tried in a while =p were any of them able to ride it just a little?

Anyways, keep up with the great work and keep the smiles coming!

Imagine the parents of the kid who brought home a Coker instead of some food supplies!


yeaaaaah… that would be some funny stuff right there!

that wouldn’t just be funny that would be hilarious(sp)

maybe he wanted it for busking.