Ipod Video!

Yeah the xup flip was awsome. I also liked the backflip out the pedal grab thing, and the overall smoothness and no setup hops.

what is a x-up flip? 360 unispin doubleflip?

Do you know what and X-up is? Do you read above posts?

An X-up on a unicycle is a 180 unispin one way then back the other way.

The x-up flip looks awesome, it moves so fast you can’t tell it even changes direction in the middle.

nice video

Kelly, were you solving a cube?

If so, you’re now one of my favorite good unicyclists.

P.S. Was it a 4 by 4?


Kotton mouth kings ruined it for me. I hope they die, no joke. The riding was amazing though.

Yes that was me, although Shaun can solve one also.
It was just a normal 3 by 3.


Wicked vid, keep it up :slight_smile:

Triple flip :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: holy great vid guys :astonished: :astonished:

im gona rekindle this thread just incase people didnt see it because i dont think it got the credit it deserved compared to some other vids that just get loads, this was one of my favourites, i enjoyed workin out who was riding as kelly looks like a 1 foot shorter version of shaun, the triple flip the hick back double or wateva it was cant rememba, but give us your thoughts people

I agree Lucas, this was a pretty Sh*t hot street vid. It’s kool to see the great rider that shaun is coupled with another great up and coming street rider in Kelly. Some of the stuff you two were pulling was amazing, great flow, great tricks and abit of personality, everything a great street vid should have.


On unicycle.tv the IPOD video is every day inner the top10 :slight_smile:
Sometimes, when a rider called Shaun bring out a new video, its on number 11 cause that new video goes on top directly :wink:
So it got the credit it deserved compared to some other vids I think.
It’s fantastic and so people love it and watch it nearly 1000 times

For anyone that liked the manny work in this video, You haven’t seen anything yet. haha. My next part in my vid you’ll really like if you like this kind of riding. This vid is starting to come together.

-Shaun Johanneson