Ipod Video!

Kelly Hickman and Shaun Johanneson star.

“The Brothers of new school street.”

It’s good.

-Shaun Johanneson

video requested is not available :frowning:


Thanks for letting me be in the video with you. It was soo much fun to make but a tad stressful haha.

To the rest of yall, Hope you enjoy…alot of good stuff.


nice video

wholey crap a tripple flip !!!


Cool vid guys.

Cool vid, but what does Apple pay for the ipod promotion?

nice video! that triple flip was freaky stuff!

That was an awesome vid man. Good on ya Kelly I liked ur crank grap to back flip. sweet. And an absolutely wicked triple flip shaun. I was wonderin. How about a double backflip?
Sweet vid, I’m goin out to practise now.


SICK video, where do I start? Kelly, those 180 double flips were insane! Its crazy, with people releasing videos you can see progression as they release them, but with you, you see it as the video progresses. I really liked the crankstall backflip thing, that was sweet.

Shaun, loved so much of it, really enjoyed the stationary Trey, the X-Up Flip that was waay sweet. The double varial was great, eerr… the dancing.
And of course the Triple. Thats insane, its such a hard trick and you pulled it off. Seriously, I take my hat off to you, it is STUPIDLY INSANE. Ha, thanks so much for dedicating that trick to me, it means alot, for real. Its really pumping me up to ride. Its crazy. I love you…

I loved the editing and the feel of the video, thanks sooo much for this video guys. Kelly you have improved so much recently and so fast. Shaun, your too good for words.


Thank you, I really appreciate all that’s said. I was worried about the fact that we jumped back to all flip street, but I have been craving some manual pad work for awhile. And had to go out and ride. I hope no one felt insulted at any point of this vid. I’m sorry the lighting was bad wiht the tripleflip, I plan to do another one in good lighting in about two weeks. Basically for myself, I hate when I have bad lighting or a bad angle. I wasn’t able to tell how far I would gap out for that flip. But oh well, sorry if it’s hard to see.
Thank you everyone again, You make all the work worth it.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. No apple doesn’t pay, haha, they should. But riding with an Ipod really helps me out, i don’t get mad as fast, and I can go for about an hour or two longer than without.

whhooo that video is insane.

loved the riding and the editing.

im gonna go ride now

bye bye

Rocking the KMK, sweet!

Cool vid.


totally sweet

i love it

Woah, that was crazy.

Kelly I guess your break is done;) You were just talking about learning the 180 doubles not that long ago and you are doing it down sets now…

I liked the really flowy lines like the fakie to hop up that parking thing and fakie 360 unispin off.

That was pretty amazing.

awesome video, that x-up flip was off the chain, great riding from both


way sweet i like it better when u do more flip tricks.

i can hardly tell what an x flip is
is it a 360 unispin with a crankflip?

hmm. sweet video… crazy stuff.

keep em comming

No its a 180unispin+crankflip+ 180 unispin back the way you came from.