Iowa's 2nd Annual 24 Hour Race Report

Pictures and lap times at:

This was a really great event and the first serious unicycling I’ve done. I think all the mountain bikers who saw us had a ton of respect for the support and the entire event was a really good time. I wish I had been in a little better shape for it but it was still a very good time. I thought it was a VERY challenging course and anyone who is in the area should definately ride the trail and see what you think. There was also some great stories (IE: On Georges 3rd lap, he broke his handle off in the first mile (of six), but nonetheless he finished his lap in 1 hour and 9 minutes, a record after his best lap of 58 minutes) There was also some very VERY muddy laps (Georges first and my first). My unicycle was so covered that the wheel wouldn’t even turn. A good time was had by all.

Also, everyone should check out the cool pics.

Yeah, I had 3 identical lap times, with very different conditions for each lap.

Lap 1 - I rode this lap with my 24" muni. It started out really hot and muggy. 3/4 of the way through it rained heavily and turned the course to mud. All of the off camber and steep sections became unrideable, even for bikes.

Lap 2 - I switched to my 26" muni and started this lap as the sun set. I soon realized my headlamp was inadequate for the technical course, and had to ride slowly so that I could see what I was doing.

Lap 3 - I added another light to my unicycle for this lap. This allowed me to ride in the dark with much more confidence. Only 1 mile into the lap I did a superman on a steep downhill and broke my prototype aluminum handle in the crash. I rode the remainder of the lap with no handle and essentially no brake. The aluminum handle was heat treated, and had been holding strong since last October.

… back to CAD/CAM homework.

Yeah, it was really a good course. I swear I walked half of it. I was not in shape to ride anyway and I could’ve used longer cranks too. Otherwise, it was fun.


Here’s Ryan.