Iowa Muni Weekend

We had some muni/trials action in Iowa this weekend. Check out the pictures and videos here;

Today me (Joe “Mojoe” Kisley), George “lead foot” Barnes, Aaron “I don’t need no armor” Parker, and “Danger” Dave met in Ames, Iowa for some fun. Dave was on his bike, but he is learning how to unicycle, and does pretty good.

First we hit Peterson Pits for some high danger muni action. Some of the hills/cliffs were so steep, that none of us could make them.

After that, we headed over to the Iowa State University campus for some urban trials action. There was never a lack of architecture to play on, and a good time was had by all. I got in a lot of pedal grab practice, and got to ride Aaron’s trials uni, formerly owned by “you know who” with a broken neck.:wink:

cheers…Joe in Iowa

iowa_muni 030.jpg

That red looking unicycle in the picture is good looking!
How’s the moped tube?

The moped tube is doing great! I’m really happy with the uni…thanks a bunch


ps. you were right about the paint, it does look better in person

You must notice that the handle got changed though.

Glad to see it’s getting put to good use. Enjoy.


Thanks for uploading everything, especially the movies on page 5.

The movies don’t really show how big/steep the hill was… except when I can’t stop sliding.

Oh yeah, what happened to the pictures of the female spectators?

Movies and photos never seem to show how steep something is, but yeah, that thing was straight down. As for the lovely females, well they weren’t on unicycles so…ah, what the heck, here’s one. Enjoy…Joe in Iowa

iowa_muni 050.jpg

I think that last post is one of the greatest off topic replies in a post. :slight_smile:
Next to this one…

Also, not only were the hills steep, but loose sandy stuff. Not to mention the first one had about a 2 foot drop into it.