Iowa Muni Weekend


A few mountain unicyclists from around Iowa are planning on getting together this weekend (August 24-25th) in Ames, IA. We’ll be riding local trails in Ames (Peterson Pits), trails in Boone, IA (near Ames… see: ), and doing some trials riding on the Iowa State campus.

The trails at Peterson Pits range from flat and easy to scary technical. There’s terrain there for all levels of riders. Seven Oaks in Boone claims to have a 3.5 mile technical single track loop that I haven’t ridden yet.

Right now we’re planning on having 2-3 riders on Saturday, and 3-4 on Sunday. Because of the size of the group, the weekend will be very informal and not structured.

Unicyclists of any ability are welcome to join us. If you’re more than a few hours drive from Ames, you might want to wait until we have something a little more formal planned.

Good luck on your Muni get together!

This is how the Memphis Unicycle Club got started just months ago. Your post reminds me of our first Delta Rendezvous which has brought me several good friends and numerous good times. Slowly those 3-4 numbers will grow - you’ll see!

Have fun,

Hey George, I’ll be there on Sunday. I’m bringing my bro in law, but he’ll be on a bicycle “yuck”. He is learning how to ride though, and he can freemount and ride for a couple blocks at a time. He even tried out the Coker the other day, and today he was farely successful at riding off a cement slab into my yard. I checked out some trail reviews for Seven Oaks and Peterson Pits.
It sounds like Perterson Pits East is fun, but some people weren’t impressed with Seven Oaks. Of course, trials riding at ISU sounds great to me too. Here’s a pic of My bro in law, Dave, riding one of his first little drops. They grow up so fast don’t they,“sob, sniff”. cheers…Joe in Iowa

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