Iowa Muni Saturday (Ames) Videos

I’m working on uploading some videos from Saturday. I have more clips to put up, but my ISP has been too unstable to upload them today.

Be sure to check out my “how not to fall” video.

The clips are looking good George. The slow motion clip makes it look as bad as it did in person. Are you sore today from the crash?

How do you take stills from the video clips? Oh, and did Mark order some leg armor?? Mmmmm… bloody socks :astonished:


Good stuff, looks like a fun ride!


VirtualDub can take frame shots from MPEGs and AVIs. It’s under “Video >> Copy source frame to clipboard”. VirtualDub allows you to step through the video frame by frame and then you can capture the exact frame you want to the clipboard.

Some DVD player software includes the option to capture frames to either a file or the clipboard. I have Power DVD by Cyberlink and it includes the frame capture option. Other DVD player software also does it.

VirtualDub has the advantage of being free while the DVD player software is not.

Thanks John. I have VirtualDub, I just haven’t used it much. I’ll check out that feature.


Hey Joe,

Thanks for bringing your DV camera this weekend. I’ve just put a few more videos in the gallery.

I wasn’t sore at all from the crash, which kind of suprised me.

I think Mark is definitely getting leg armor and full fingered gloves.

My back is stiff from the drops and my left palm has a slight bruise, and I never bruise, and it still hurts. Oh well, it’s better to wear out than to rust.


Damn, thats sick, F***IN’ cool!! Haha.

Thanks Joe for bringing the camera, much better quality then my piece o’ shight puts out.

And George, that video is sickof you tumblin, I am so glad that I was able to get the whole thing with MoJoe’s camera!! I will also be foolin’ around with that chot some for my own stuff.

Can’t wait to go out again, the snow will definately add some awesome effects to the shots.