IOU theme song !

>>“John Foss” the ‘uni-cyclone’ wrote:
>>but I bet neither I.O.U. or U.F.O. has a theme song.

Oh dear, my web site isn’t obviously intuative enough for anyone to find it, the
IOU theme tune has been there for nearly a year now, point you browser and MP3
players at for nearly 5 minutes
of top quality ‘slightly drunken’ entertainment.

    SIMON - IOU - sing it baby !

And it goes something like:


I’d like to sing a little song, I wrote it just for you. About a group of crazy
friends, called the IOU. “Idiots on Unicycles” may sound strange to some, But
there really is no better way to go out and have some fun…'cos


One wheel’s better than two yeah, once you’re in the know, Yes one wheel’s
better than two oh, wherever you may go, For mountains, sand or snow, you know
just what to do. Get on that one wheeled bike of yours and join the IOU. Get on
that one wheeled bike of yours and join the IOU.

Paul is the well established collector of fine things, A hundred different
whiskey’s are kept in his kitchen, But nothing quite compares to his many
one-wheelers, Except maybe his fondness for drinking Tequilas! (… Da da da
da-da-da da da)


Vern and Lynda have done it all, there’s not much left to do, On one wheel, two
wheels, two on one, the options left are few, Maybe unicycling in the sky ?
this could be very soon, But there can’t be very many people who’ve ridden on
the moon !


Now Simon’s the inventor of all there crazy toys, While Isabelle, she smiles
sweetly, thinking “boys will be boys” His kite machines and wobbly bikes with
built in stereo, Ensure there’s always something new for the IOU to show.


Hopefully one of these days, ol’ Mike will write a play, About the art of
unicycling on a rainy day, With us involved there’s bound to be 1000 thrills and
spills, And then we’ll be heading out to Hollywood’s fine hills.


There is one strange guy left to name, who you wouldn’t want to know, The one
called “Flossy” or sometimes “Ross”, he’s always on the go, I wonder what he
dreams about when he’s fast asleep, Could be music, girls or travelling, but
it’s probably just sheep !

Chorus x 2