invite to a muni ride in Devon, sept 27th

All Unicyclists are invited to join us for a muni ride on Woodbury Common,
Devon ( near Exmouth) next saturday, the 27th of september.

Meet up
between 2.45 and 3.15 pm at the car park
imediatly south of Woodbury Castle ( an ancient hill
fort) on the B3180 - (which runs beween the A3052 exeter-Newton Poppleford
road and Exmouth). a map can be found here

The plan is to ride a circular route with lots of fun single track riding
in the woods, there will be some riding on gravel tracks across the heath
and the views from the heath can be fantastic.The ride is only about 5
miles long and we will only go at the speed of the slowest so this is a
ride suitable even for novice muniers. BUT we think its a really nice ride
with enough sweeet single track to be a good warm up to the BMW for the
more experienced rider.

Any wheel size is welcome (tho you will find it slow on
a 16 inch and uncomfortable on a mini giraffe). Its advisable to wear
comfy riding clothes and a cycle helmet and gloves.Its also a good idea to
bring something to drink with you and a means of carrying it.There is
sometimes an ice cream van at the car park, buts don’t rely on it. There
are no shops or pubs on the route, however we can go and find one
afterwards if you like.

Non unicycling parents or partners are welcome ,
they shold be able to keep up with us walking if they don’t want to bring
a bike. If your under 16 please bring a an adult with you. Expect to be
out on the common for 2-3 hours, the speed we go will depend on who is

Please drop me a line if you are coming along, if we don’t know
your coming we can’t wait for you if your late!