Invitation to all unicyclists

This is short notice but…

Everyone is invited to come out for the Tallest Unicycle Ride in Pontiac, MI on Jan 29th. For more information please visit


Oh dont you worry, We will all be there.

does being there in spirit count?

I’m hoping so, I just downloaded driving directions…This is going to be a long trip for me and I’m only 16. But hey, I’ll see what the mom says. If i can be there I’ll be there, and if I cannot be there physically I’ll enter a zen state and make myself believe I’m there.

Re: Invitation to all unicyclists

i see the riding time is set for 6-7pm
can anyone help me with time conversion to CAT?
central african time
or GMT+2 if it helps

ps. would SEM be available for telephonic media interviews in the time leading up to and/or after he set the new record?

I wish I could make it. Will there be a webcam?


I will be in the Netherlands :frowning:

Is it possible to get a few pictures because I have the biggest unicycle page in the Netherlands.


I know me and my digi cam (stills and vids) will be there

I can’t make it, but best of luck.

Good luck! Waiting to hear how you do.

GILD it will be 2-3 AM CAT time…just so you know CST is GMT-6.

Pontiac, MI ?!?!?!?!?!

That’s only ten minutes away from where I live when i’m not in school!
Wait, that’s only like thiry minutes away from where i live when i am in school!!!

I’ll be there for sure.

I vote that everyone from the forums who can make it wears a shirt with the name they post under embroidered, screen printed, sharpied or in some other fashion displayed on it.

I’m under the impression that there are very few unicyclists from my area on this forum. am I Wrong?

Alright, just did some reading.

This thing is at the silverdome… i’m guessing it’s going to be inside?
I was just arguing with my roomate about how tall the silverdome was, neither of could find it anywhere online…

I’ve got a few freinds who will join me, none of them ride a uni but a few of them are cyclists of the two wheeled genre.

Is there going to be a cost for this event?
Can we bring our own unis and ride around the silverdome… My unicycle is only a couple of feet tall, I can’t compete with 115.

Who’s all gonna be there? the Redford Unicyclists Club?

There are a ton of unicyclists a bit south of you. Yes, Redford Unicyclists and the SemCycle Basketball team. We live in Livonia, Farmington, Grosse Pointe, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, Detroit, Garden City… We’re here and we’ll be there on Thursday.

The event is free and inside.


If Michigan wasn’t 2000 miles away I’d be there for sure.

I’m hoping for some good video of the ride but I know the video is not going to give the same sense of scale. It would be an amazing thing to see in person.

It would be interesting to have one camera focused on Sem and one camera focused on the wheel. Get the cameras in sync and then you could watch the lag so see how long it takes from the moment he starts pedaling to when the wheel moves. :slight_smile:

I hope the video of Sem’s ride gets submited for UNiVERsE 3.

I hope Sem doesn’t have to ride on Astroturf. :astonished:

"I hope Sem doesn’t have to ride on Astroturf. "- John Childs

There’s a snowcross event going on there this weekend, so the astroturf will be covered with a snomobile track. I’m sure at 115 feet up in the air a six foot jump made out of snow will look like a speed bump.

My comment was in reference to this thread. Some poor fool tried to ride a 35 foot unicycle on Astroturf with no safety equipment. :astonished:

Quote from that post by John Foss:

We are working on getting one set up - depends on if the Silverdome staff let us use their connection. Info on this will be posted on the website as soon as it is available.


Of course!


Bring your unis! The floor is cement… should be some fun indoor riding going on, lots of unicyclists are coming. (there is no entry fee)