Inverticycle (Two Wheeled Unicycle) Slalom

This was a big milestone for me. Not just because it was the first time that I felt confident enough on the two wheeler to be filmed, or because it was the first time I managed to negotiate the juggling ball slalom, but also because it is the first video I’ve put together from different clips. Yeah, ok, I know it doesn’t flow quite like a Hollywood blockbuster, and the actors may not have the chiselled good looks of Brad Pitt… but I’m proud of it. So proud of it, I’m sharing it with you, so I hope you enjoy it :smiley:

(Best watched with the HQ button on!)


thats heaps good. :slight_smile:

How long does it take to learn to ride one of them?

Probably less time if you’re not too experienced on a normal unicycle! Because a lot of the balancing relies on acting opposite to your natural instincts on a regular unicycle, it has taken me almost 6 months of regular practice to get that far. Someone that can’t ride a uni at all could probably learn it almost as quick as a one wheeled unicycle.


Great job! It looks like it would take a while to reprogram your brain to pedal backwards!

Awesome! I don’t know if I could make my mind work backwards to do that. 1+ :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

lulz at the one-wheeler who was wobbling almost as much as you were:p

Nicely done Spencer, looking to be progressing well. At the point of me selling off the two wheeler, I had just figured out turning, I was practising turning tighter corners. I was also failing at idling and riding backwards, lol.

Actors? They’re all pretending to do what they’re doing? Lol.

I am also failing at idling and riding backwards. You can tell that because there’s no idling or riding backwards in the video :slight_smile:

Actors? Yeah, isn’t everyone in a film an actor? Just as long as I don’t pick up the bill from the make up artists, the producers and stunt coordinators I’m happy!


proud to say you left me in the dirt during my first muni sesh spencer XD

You know what… on my first muni ride I was left in the dirt too. And the second. And third. Fourth… etc. And when riding with the right company, I still am. But as you practice more, get better, fitter and a real muni, you’ll be able to pick on a newbie and leave them in the dirt too :smiley:


Idiling on a two-wheeler is insanely hard. :thinking:

I’m coming to the conclusion that idling is actually impossible. Well, for me it is anyway.

I have been trying to get the running mount working on this recently, though, and have had nothing but bad luck. I can get on a regular giraffe with the running mount, but I just seem to get kicked off strait away with this. Have you had any more success than me?

STM - inspired by Unisykolist to ride an inverticycle