Invert saddle nuts/bolts on an old Fusion Freeride

I have an old Fusion Freeride saddle and sometimes my fingers hits the “cap nuts” securing the bumper. I’m aware that newer saddles (like my Qu-Ax Luxus) is kind of “inverted” (for lack of better term) and have the nut inside saddle and just a flat headed bolt visible for underneath. Can I just disassemble the old Fusion Freeride to achieve something similar? And any recommendation for what nuts/bolts to buy?

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Take it apart and have a look, I’m sure you can figure something out if you are creative.

Those seats with a removable cover are easy to take apart and re-assemble.

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You could just grind or file the ends off the acorn nuts and the file the bolt ends flush with them. It would still protrude a little, but not much.

I’d advise against that. If the nut is tightened or loosened at all it will expose a sharp edge right where he is looking for a smoother surface.

I haven’t taken apart a saddle in a long time and they are all a bit different but I believe those old ones had square recesses for the heads of carriage bolts molded into the seat. I bet some modified T-nuts would work with bolts from the bottom, but I hesitate to suggest a solution without looking at the problem closer.


I think if you just want to convert the back bumper, it might be relatively easy.

If you want to convert all 10 studs to nuts, I think the only good solutions I can imagine would require a welder, since the front 8 integrate into the metal reinforcement plate.

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I was only thinking about converting the two bolts/nuts securing the back bumper and I did not know that the cover was removable (thanks @saskatchewanian) even though I did notice that it has some cord around the rails. I will open it up and see what I can do.

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I would buy a new saddle/would a friend swap with you?

Solution ahead…
I’ve bought a new “b-grade” for Qu-Ax Luxus saddle for next to nothing (<4€) that had a small damage in the seat itself. So that was used as the donor.

First step, strip the cover from the Luxus and expose the nuts inside.

And remove the nuts.

Then remove cover from the fusion freeride (and some tape) to expose the bolts inside.

And replace with the nuts from the Luxus - and shorten the bolts with a Dremel to make them flush with the nuts (and cover it with some Gorilla tape, not pictured)

Very happy with the result…

It seems the same could be done for the 4 bolts and nuts securing the front bumper, but they are already recessed and not close to where you grab the handle so I did not see any reason to do that.


Nice job! :slight_smile: For future reference or anyone else trying to do this, you can find this type of nut in most hardware stores.

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You can also easily flatten the metal tabs on them if you’re working with a material that doesn’t work well with them. They’re called t nuts and they are a very handy option to have sometimes.

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