Inventor of Extreme Unicycling??!!

I was looking through the gallery and found this
It says a few time that this guy invented extreme unicycling, is this true! Like these videos seem rather recent, whats up with this??

He’s definitely a good rider, but he has what appears to be a Profile hub, so that dates him well after a lot of extreme riding, including universe 1.

Ya, kinda upsets me, i have no idea who took unicycling from the clowns and gave them to the skaters, but its not him!

Come on, I seriously doubt Tomsey made any claim to be the inventor of modern extreme unicycling. It’s more likely something the producers of the program made up for the show. The media has a tendency to put words in people’s mouths.

Well he did send in Extreme Unicycling into that “new” sport competition.

Tomsey probably didnt tell them to say that they probablt just thought he had creted it. remember the sports thing that says this was having a contest for new extreme sport. Which means they just think he creted it

Its still tomsey in the videos though, it doesnt really matter who made the gallery.

glopal - you may find this thread illuminating.

i dont think tomsey meant for them to say “inventor of extreme unicycling” but it did get us a lot of pulblicty around austraila so, i dont care, i mean it gets us publicity and adds awareness that a unicyle isnt just for clowns anymore

Okay, well whatever…

I’ll invent extreme unicycling up here in Canada, lol, jk

hah, along with Canadian riders Kris Holm, Ryan Atkins, Jeff Groves, Kevin McMullin, Dan Doerkson… yeah, methinks you’re a bit late. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ya, crap, … Do you think they have extreme unicycling in Libya??

I thought he was from a suburb of Seattle, in the US.

no dorekson is from Canada, and you forgot my name biatch, Justin Kohse’s representin Vancouver island.

yeah, I know there’s a ton of good riders in Canada, I just named all the oober-famous ones, namely the guys in Universe.

So can I invent extreme unicycling on my block? Cuz Kris doesn’t live on my block.

just might have something to say here.

yeah i know all you guys are pissed cos i didnt invent extreme unicycling and they say i did…

but i got $5000 and some free stuff and i do planet X demos now for writing a little letter explaining the sport and a demo tape…

im no father of extreme unicycling… but i dont care as long as unicyclists know i dont think i am the inventor of extreme unicycling, everything is sweet.

there is no inventor… its an envolutionary sport…

and as far as australian planet X are concerned, hell yeah i invented it… otherwise i couldnt win the competition now could i?

Got to give Tomsey his props. I think he invented “extreme unicycling with a paycheck!” More power to ya!

If someone wants to trace down the roots of extreme unicycling, give us your definition, and we’ll try to fill in who did it first.

I’ll offer this one to start. One of the earliest issues of the USA Newsletter (1974) has a cover photo of a guy doing what looks like about a 12’ drop (yes, twelve feet) off a stairset onto a flat stage. The date was something like 1902. The unicycle had handlebars and no seat. That’s pretty dang extreme!


The guys who invented unicycling, with their large, heavy bike wheels, and no seats. They were pretty extreme in their day too.

Everyone who ever rode across the country (1933, Walter Nilsson for this country). With the seats of those days? Ouch!

Ken Looi, and anyone else who ever competed in a solo 24 hour racing event.

George Peck.

I guess I’m just repping the Black Creek portion of Van Isle.
That’s cool with me.

He did it on an 8-foot giraffe, I think. At least that’s what I recall reading in Jack Wiley’s book. That is definitely extreme!