Intuitive Hopping and H.R. Puff-n-Stuff

Lewis provided the catalyst today that aided me in reaching a new level in hopping: when he get’s warmed up and smashes through the beginner wall, he starts singing. He started belting out the theme to H.R. Puff-n-Stuff (’…can’t do a little ‘cus you can’t get enough…’) just as I started my 31st hopping run, and the song was infectious. I joined in- and found myself hopping to the beat. Flex, hop, compress-flex-hop. Pre-hop and and hitting the sweat spot of the hop was natural. No over analysis, struggling to keep foot pressure even, no sir- just groove’n to the beat.

And here I was thinking that increased muscle tone and stamina were the keys to advancing my hopping skill. Fortunately, I have a deep resiviour of cartoon themes to draw on, garenerd by hours of vigilent childhood viewing. UnderDog. Hong Kong Fuey (‘number one super guy’). Spiderman (‘action is his reward’).

Go Speed, Go.