Introductory Video: Tricks on a Blacktop

I’m new here to the Unicycling community. So, I decided to introduce myself with a short unicycling video I shot yesterday (the day I got my first pair of real, 661 shin pads!). The unicycle is a Koxx One White Russian. It’s my first non-beginner unicycle, which I got less than a month ago. Anyways, sorry for the strange Russian balalaika music!

Notice the beginning 360 unispin mount, haha. Comments appreciated.


You’re pretty good for only one month on a trials.:slight_smile: Liked the editing and the music.

Very nice! I enjoyed the locations that the video was shot in and the riding was great too!

Thanks. ^Unihopper, your tutorials have helped me out a lot. I was just watching them yesterday (I suck at flatland right now). I started unicycling in 2006, but took huge breaks in between, sadly.

Glad I could help!

Ugh. One of my cranks is wobbling horizontally just a bit. Should I buy ISIS cranks and replace them or try to fix the ones I have now?


It should be enough to just tighten them, but do it ASAP!

Use blue Locktite and a torque wrench if you have one. I think they usually do 25 ft-lbs on ISIS cranks (I do 45 on my Torker DX).

If its the same cranks as in this video, those are isis cranks.

Your spins look so quick…

My wife has the same uni. One of two things; 1. tighten the crank bolt…if the bolt is as tight as it’ll go before stripping something and you still have movement, 2. check to see if you have a spacer on the inside of that crank arm. If there is and there is NOT one on the other, REMOVE IT! My wife had the same problem and no matter how tight we got that bolt it still moved. In fact, the bolt was so tight I actually lost some skin on my knuckles when it finally came loose…with a little help of WD40.

Hope that helps!