My name is Glen Granberry, and I just recently joined this mail group.
However, I have been riding a unicycle since 1978 (8 years old) and have
been attending National Unicycle Meets every year since 1982 until this
past summer. I will be back!

    My entire family rides and we attend National Unicycle Meets together as
    our vacation. Everyone should try to attend the National Unicycle Meet
    sometime. It's the only oportunity you will ever have to be around 200
    other people who share the same unique talent that you do!

    My father has been president of the Unicycling Society of America and we
    hosted a Natonal Unicycle Meet in Mobile, AL in 1989. My whole family
    now lives in Auburn, AL, and my father has started a good size club
    here. We are looking forward to hosting a Meet here at Auburn University
    sometime in the future.

    I am a resent graduate of Aburn University in Mechanical
    Engineering. Some of you may have seen me on the skill level video
    performing level 8.

    This is a great way to promote the sport of unicycling. I look forward
    to hearing from everyone soon.

Stay on Top, Glen E. Granberry