Hi fellow unicyclers! Im new to this forum, so i thought i might aswell introduce myself to you :slight_smile:

Im 21 years old, and i live in Norway. Ive been unicycling for a long time, but never until 2 weeks ago thought of doing anything other than riding straight forward.

I’ve had 2 cheap 20" standard unicycle and one cheap 20" MUni. However, last week i recieved a brand new qu-ax 24" MUni (yellow hub one) with 170mm cranks and I’m having a great time so far :slight_smile:

Things im working on at the moment:

Idling, hopping, rolling hops and riding down stairs.

One question: Is it too hard learning to wheelwalk, glide, crankflip etc on the 24" MUni?

Hi and welcome to the forums.

The 24" Muni might be a bit heavy for crankflipping and the off road style tire might cause some extra ballance issues (not as smooth rolling) but lots of riders here do all of the things that you’ve mentioned and then some on their 24’s.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m glad to hear its doable. I guess i just have to put in some extra dedication to learn it.

A smaller crank size may benifit you, but i’m not sure as i haven’t ever owned a 24" uni.

Yea, I’ve thought of maybe replacing the cranks with some smaller KH-moments cranks when my current cranks cracks :slight_smile:

they wont crack youll break before they do oh well thats the case with mine.