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> I own a 24" Zephyr from Cycle Designs, and except for the tendency of the seat
> to twist in the clamp (which I plan to rectify with a big drill and a bolt) I
> love it. While I wish I could have a Schwinn for sheer durability, I love the
> looks of a Zephyr – all black and chrome. They really look magnificent under
> a good unic (that’s Mudd slang for “person who unicycles” – I haven’t seen it
> used elsewhere) flying around campus.

I’m curious, since this is the second mention of Cycle Designs I have seen, to
ask what the brand is. Where do you get one? Where is the company from? What’s
in the product line?


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Re: Introduction (fwd)

I don’t have much info, just that I learned on one (one of three club unis) and
that I loved it, so when a group order (for FIVE!) was made, I got in on it.

We got them for about $96 which makes it a low-end Uni. But I am fairly
satisfied with its construction. I think it will last me about 5 years with
minimal dorking, including a new tire every once in a while, maybe replacing the
seat and the spokes over time.

I have already broken a spoke (and goofed up the wheel) but that was not
under normal use – I went headlong into a bike rack during a Unicycle Hockey
game. IT was a little frustrating to pay $15 for a wheel trueing after owning
it 3 weeks. :frowning:

I’ll ask Jim to dig up some info on the Cycle Design people. They are really hot
looking unis!

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