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> From: Ron Wichers Schreur <> Subject: Introduction and some
> questions
> Hello,
> The welcome message for this mailing list contained a call for unicycle
> stories. Well, here’s mine.

Welcome! I’ve added this to the Unicycle Challenge file.

> The next thing I want to learn is to idle. I understand that you cycle back
> and forth a little, but I am not sure about the positions of the pedals. Are
> they supposed to be level in the two extreme positions? This would mean that
> the wheel makes half a revolution every time, which seems rather a lot to me.

Do whatever works. There is no “supposed to” regarding the length of the arc,
except that it should be under 360 degrees. As you start out you may find
yourself making a relatively wide arc, but you’ll be able to reduce it as you
get better, which will cut down on leg fatigue. BTW, there is a help file for
idling on the Unicycling Home Page. Go to the FAQ, and then the 10 skill levels
section and you’ll find it there. You can also get it from the ftp directory.
Here is the full URL for the file:


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