Introducing UniTE-1

As many of you know, there are a couple of unicycle clubs on Strava. There is KH Unicycle Club and UniTE. Several unicyclists have been noticing a problem with how Strava does not have a specific category for unicycles. Many of the club members ride bicycles and unicycles and log them on Strava with the same account. This can cause some issues for those who like the competitiveness that Strava can bring out in us in the form of the Leader Boards. As we all know, unicycle and bicycle rides are substantially different. We didn’t want current dual sport members to leave the club but we also didn’t want our leader boards to reflect bicycle ride data either. So, the easiest way to alleviate this issue was to create UniTE-1, a strictly unicycle only club. To check out our club, please visit the link below. Thank you!

what are we supposed to do?
I am a member of UNite but does not use strava for MTB.
So is there a need to move to the other group (when you are not a “competitive” type)?
It’s funny that Strava does not allow a different activity (why use a predefined list? it’s stupid … well so many web app are stupid that I don’t even bother to complain :()
the other feature needed would also be to create a sub-group (KH users could be a subgroup of UNite and I will create OGOOW -Old Geezers on One Wheel- as a subgroup)

The intent is that no one should move by picking UniTE-1 over good old original UniTE. We may get a ‘unicycle’ category in the future and everyone will be happy again. Then UniTE-1 will no longer be needed (no, I don’t have any inside information on when/if ‘unicycle’ will be added).

It is hoped that everyone using Strava still picks UniTE as their starting point venue for unicycling ride tracking and community.

Since you can be a member of multiple clubs, Unite-1 was introduced as an option for those that are a little bit more competitive and motivated by the Leaderboard that Strava has for clubs. There is also Kris’ club that is loosely for KH gear but my understanding is that everyone is welcome there too.

Another advantage of U-1 is that it also allows unicycle riders- who also ride bikes but don’t want to establish a second Strava account to separate these two activities- to not feel unwelcome in the UniTE club as may have been the case in the past.

The administrators of UniTE will be very accommodating to bike riding unicyclists. Tagging your ride ‘bike’ or ‘uni’/‘muni’ will help others know what you were up to.

The administrators of UniTE-1 will not be so inclusive- my bike riding alter ego account was already removed for disrupting the Leaderboard as we tested the concept. I think Shannon G enjoyed doing that a little bit too much : )

Please look at the recent discussion threads on Strava UniTE for some more perspective as we worked as a group to accommodate as many as possible.

Please join UniTE-1 if you want to see just unicycling rides. Accidental bike rides can be marked ‘private’ by the account owner so as to not disrupt the Leaderboard.

Let the games begin and go out and ride!



Thanks guys for your help this last year, makes me want to go ride a couple!!!

My artistic levels are not too great but here are a few choices, please offer any suggestions if you want to make small changes to one of them.





Great work Doug on these logos. I absolutely love the UniTE graphic but I’m still liking the lone sunflower. It’s kinda like a natural upside-down unicycle rising above all the other pretty flowers. Metaphorically I don’t care which one I am as long as I’m in the field.

What does everyone else think- UniTE has always been a user directed club and U-1 will be no different- consensus rules.


I agree, great work on the logos, Doug!

This is a tough one, I like how the logos Doug made are similar to the original, but I also like the sunflower pushing above the rest.

I think I’m leaning more toward the sunflowers.

I joined U-1; not that I will ever be on top of the leaderboard but still interested in how much others ride. Until today, I was using Nike’s running ap to track my walk/run/uni progress. As of today I can dedicate the Nike ap to my pedestrian efforts and U-1 for the mounted efforts :D.

What happens if you upgrade to premium?