introducing the 'monzta'


I bought myself a 24" Large Marge rim and had it fitted to my '04 onza hub/cranks.

I also had my frame stripped and then powdercoated in satin black.

The pedals that were on the muni were the original spikey ones that I had painted yellow, and I still had the unused black pedals that came with my onza trials uni so I put them on the monzta.

I put my metal viscount based KH saddle onto it and got a plain black seat post and clamp to make it all black.

Once the wheel was built the tyre rubbed off the brake mounts so the bike shop that built the wheel whipped the brake mounts off for me. I then painted over the bare metal that had been exposed.

Now why am I referring to this muni as the ‘monzta’ you may ask.

A lot of people had said my muni was a monster when it was in its original form, the big tyre and spikey pedals, etc. So I thought now that it’s all black and got a huge rim it really is a monster.

Monster… Onza…Monzta !!

So I designed my own ‘monzta’ logo and had vinyl stickers made up and applied these to the muni, the ‘monzta’ was born.

And now it is unveiled.

Please excuse the quality of the fotos. Pebbles is in Tiree for the week and I lent him my digital camera so I took the fotos with my video camera.



logo, crank, logo, pedal.jpg


logo gusset.jpg

and again…

logo, crank, surly.jpg

and the logo…

logo 1.jpg

the clearance, sorry about the rubbish angle.

and one more for luck.


Onza frame?

What tire is that, not a gazz…?

Great name/logo BTW.

The touch up paint dried yesterday so I took it out for a wee spin after work tonight.

My word! The wobbly-on-tarmac problem of the halo contra/duro leopard has gone! And what a noise it makes! All the other surfaces that I was on (grass, mud, loose soil, loose gravel) felt just as stable as the tarmac did. I found a path with deep big gravel banked up alongside it so I rode that, no problem.

I would agree with everything vivalargo said about his profile/large marge setup. It is amazing!

I did a shoulder height drop, no problem again.

There’s a wee bit I ride that involves jumped onto a wee ledge from an angled soil launch area, hopping along the ledge, then jumping over a wee bush onto another (differently) angled soil area. I had made it a few times on the old muni. The tyre would bend like mad jumping up and usually threw me off on the landing. But the monzta did it … no problem.

It has absolutey no sideways movement, I side-hopped (hopped to the side!) up a dry loose soil hill easily.

I also rode down the biggest rooty loose downhill section I could find, it was probably only about 20-30 foot long but quite steep and rooty. Drops of about 6 inches off the 2 inch wide roots every 4-5 foot and loose dry soil all the way down. Guess what? No problem.

I’m off to Pollock Park to give it a proper test tomorrow and will report back.


how did u make the snazzy monzta logo? and how much did it cost to powdercoat the frame?:smiley:

Hello again!

Yesterday (saturday) was raining so I didn’t go out on the monzta. Today is dry so I went to Pollock Country Park.

I usually get the underground into town, then the train to Pollock, but I rode into town to give it some urban stuff.

It just goes over anything! It’s like a tractor, point it where you wanna go and keep pedalling and you’ll get there! Fantastic.

Kerbs don’t exist anymore, and I could ride along angled surfaces with ease.

Now to Pollock.

I get off the train just as two boys with their downhill bikes and all their gear on are waiting to get on. I watched their faces, they started by looking at my face, then got to the unicycle and started smirking, their eyes kept going down and as they got to the tyre and rim their jaws dropped! Off I went with a big smile.

At the entrance to the park there is a curved wall with a curved top, I have never made it round the curve, only along the straight part. The old rim/tyre combo used to try and pull you off the wall if you rode off the very centre of the curve. The LM allowed me to wobble about on top of the wall and keep going no bother. I made it round the curve and dropped off the highest part of the wall and rode away. Grinning.

Next their is a wee muddy hill slope to jump up and that’s me in the woods. With the old rim/tyre I had to do it in one or maybe two jumps as the tyre would bend with me jumping sideways on a slope. The LM let me do it in three wee hops with no sideways movement at all. Grin getting a bit mad looking.

Now the bike tracks. I usually join the tracks halfway round the green (easy) route so I ride the rest of that, then half of the blue (medium) route that leads to the red (hard) route.It involves doubles/triples, wee downhill gravel slaloms, mud, and logs to ride. The last obstacle is a wood ramp onto a log with a sideways log to jump over/onto at the end. My fastest time round this red track had been 6:30. That involved three failed attempts at getting up the log-ramp and then a mount on the log to continue.

My first time round on the monzta gave me an amzing time of 5:39 !!! Thats 51 seconds faster!!! It went straight up the log-ramp and off the end easy.

I was absolutely knackered and so pleased with my time. Two older women out walking saw me appear out of the trees, let the uni fall, and grab a fence to support myself on. They came over all “He’s got a unicycle, let’s go speak to him about it”, got a bit closer and slowed right down. One of them even hesitated about coming over. I must have looked like a proper crazy man! But come over they did, and all I could say was “5:39! 5:39!!” and point at my watch. One of them said “you must have phenomenal balance to ride a unicycle off-road” I replied with “Nah, that fat wheel takes care of that for me!” and went back to my panting and grinning.

So to round up the 24" Large Marge, I would say:

If you’ve got a 24" muni and some spare cash, get a LM rim fitted or even a new wheelset built, you will not regret it.

This is how muni’s should be. The 3" tyre was a serious upgrade from the stock 2.6", but the fat rim and fat tyre makes the ultimate muni wheel.

It eats any terrain and is still hungry, does big drops and asks to go bigger, goes down any hill and says “was that it?”.

Seriously, it is amazing.


I got an onza image off t’internet and modified it with photoshop. Then gave the image file on CD to a sign shop and they cut it out of silver vinyl for me. To powdercoat the frame cost £20, and the wheelbuild cost £20. The rim was £75 with shipping from USA.

I was singing the praises of the Large Marge for awhile but I quite when I realized what an advantage I had. I can’t even get the guys I ride with in Santa Barbara to go for one–though most of them are poor students. Folks get locked into a certain piece of gear and that’s it. Like the Gaz, which IMO is not nearly as nimble and versitile as the far cheaper Duro.

But the LM is such a huge jump forward that once folks get a chance to try it, the tide will SURLY change. It’s the best 100 bones a Munieer will ever spend.


I’m still skeptical. I’ll have to ride one at Moab or something, then I’ll see the light.

I rode the 26" LM/endomorph at Moab, and I wasn’t completly impressed. Sure, it was crazy huge, and bouncy and all that, but it wasn’t anything spectacular.

Well, all I did was ride it around the parking lot, and on some gravel, so I guess that explains it.