Introducing the Milton Keynes trials ride!

Guys and Girls!

Based on Sponges hugely popular London trials rides, Leo and Edd bring you the

Warmup to BUC Milton Keynes trials ride!

The format will be very similar to the London trials ride, all styles welcome, experts to beginners.

We will be meeting at Milton Keynes central train station at about 10am on Sunday the 18th march. The date can be moved if it suits the majority of people though.

Milton Keynes is a hugely popular city for trials bikers due to its ultra modern design. There are miles and miles of marble ledges, gaps, drops and rails. More pictures coming soon!



Here is the map of the route, the fixed route is marked in blue the circles with numbers are the spots that we will stop of at. The yellow lines are the unfixed route. Due to how new the city is, there are now buildings on all of the green land on that map, so when we get to the yellow route, we will discover and ride spots as we go!

Meeting point: The red dot on the map. We will be meeting at 10am outside the central train station near this statue.

Spot 1:

Spot 2:

The famous Empire gap!

Spot 3:

This is a purpose made skate plaza on the end of the bus station. Lots of marble here. The skaters get a bit touchy about their precious marble ledges being chipped but if we get there before 12 there will be no-one there anyway.

Spot 4: Sorry no picture yet! This is on the other end of the bus station to the skate plaza. There are a few ledges and gaps here.

The rest of the ride: As Milton Keynes is (Literally) still being built, there are new spots popping up all the time. For the rest of the ride, we will roam around finding all the best spots and hitting them up!

Please post your thoughts on this and if the date is ok, we can always move it to suit better.

I hope you lot can come!

Rock on!
Leo and Edd

Nice one Amanda! Theres pretty good transport links to MK, so hopefully it will be fairly straightforward for you.

Oh, I forgot to add, The loop around the roundabout is an optional extra to the route!

Rock on!

Sounds good edd, I would love to come, some of the spots look pretty good damn good for street. I’ll see how easy it is to get down there but it’s not gonna be easy getting time off work.


Well, the date is no problem for me (not that I would expect you to change things on my behalf though!).

The photos of the meeting points is a great idea. At least everyone should know that they’ve come to the right place, which is encouraging.

How far is this from Milton Keynes Coachways though? I know National Express are generally happy enough for me to bung my uni on there, but I’m not sure how I’d get in to town from there. Are the local busses uni-friendly?



Hi Spencer!

Im glad your thinking of coming along!

I will be bringing the car, So if people get the coach and end up at the coachway, I can ferry people to the meeting point, no problem. There is a bus, but I have never used it before, although the buses are mostly ok around here there has been the odd occasion where I have been refused.

Hope that helps!

amanda mike, and 2 more probs emrys if hes up for it lifts are on me if ur up for putting little petrol money in,

Awesome, so is that definatly Mike, Lucas and Amanda?


Great! Of course you can come without a uni, its your choice! There is parking outside the train station or behind the bus station at spots number 3 and 4 on the map.

It would be great if you could bring a video camera along! It would be good to have a dedicated cameraman, then none of the action will be missed!

Rock on!

I’ll definitely try and get down to this. If anyone else is heading down from somewhere North-ish and wants someone to split petroleum costs with then give me a yell.

dito. :wink:


Would be great to see you and pete again mate! I shall try my best to get to one of the NUTS rides too.

This is so exciting, organising a ride!

Rock on!

Well, it’s 2 weeks before the end of this semester - looks like a potential excuse to return south and skip 2 weeks of teaching! Will keep ye posted, but I hope I can make it :slight_smile:

If you come down Matt do you fancy spending the Saturday in Macc before going down?

We could sit by the canal and tell pirate jokes. It’ll be just like old times.

Hell yeah Matt! You have to come down! In return I will come to NUTS when it is up your way!

We will have to talk on msn.

If anyone would like to discuss this ride, feel free to add me on msn and we can chat. Eddbmxdude at hotmale dot com (Hotmale! Lol! You know what I mean!)

Rock on!

:stuck_out_tongue: i should be there…


It looks like theres gonna be a good turnout!

Thinking of making it a weekend thing now, What do people think?

A muni ride in the chiltern hills on the saturday!

Rock on!

I might be up for that, I’ll check when I’m working


Right, as there has been some interest in a Muni ride on the Saturday I think that is what is going to happen.

I havent got a particular route in mind, but there is some spectacular scenery around here. Below are some pictures of places that I ride often. All these places are near where I live, which is about 20 miles south of MK.

There is a youth hostel at ivinghoe, which is a very well equipt and comfortable hostel.

Rock on!

Nobody interested in the Muni ride?