Introducing the first 29" x 3" Tire...

The Surly Knard:

29" x3"
27tpi and 120tpi version

Also available, a new rim: The Rabbit Hole

Dual hole
T6 Al

The new wheel for my Oregon is gonna be a Rabbit Hole ridden by a Knard :stuck_out_tongue:

Now the wait…

Will it fit?


but not fit with KH29 frame

:drool: dare I say it… that is the first b*ke I have seen in a long while that looks like more fun than my unicycles. :astonished:

So what frame(s) might this beast fit
Most 36" frames?
The Oregon?

Any ’ standard’ 29er frames

DANG!!! were is the 3in 36er tire?

I know someone who is riding one, he is using it in an Oregon frame which fit with room to spare. He suggested that it would not fit any other frames currently in production.

The problem with fit is as much height as width, so to go from a 2.4 to a 3", you need ~3/8" plus mud room. All of my standard framed unis have frame widths that are ~3.25" (Nimbus 24", KH 29", Nimbus Impulse 36"). So even the sufficiently tall crown on the 36er is still going to be tight side to side. The Conundrum is wide enough, but doesn’t have the crown height.

The BFL barely fit in a Conundrum; didn’t Bryce have to modify his frame crown and it was still snug? A 29 x 2.5 is an inch taller than a Larry, so no , it is not likely that a taller/fatter tire is going to fit in a Conundrum.

My KH with a Hans Damph has ~1/4" to spare on each side and 3/8" to the crown, and since the Hans is the biggest 29" tire, I’d so it probably won’t fit with room enough for anything but dust :roll_eyes:

Not sure about the Nimbus round crown or Nimbus II, maybe someone could do some frame measurements:
-center of spindle/axle to bottom of crown
-width at tire sidewall.

The Oregon is turning out to be quite the multipurpose muni, as long as you like the inch wider crank position (125mm vs 100mm); which I hapen to love :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an Oregon for sale on the forum…$500.

You don’t want that, it would too hard to ride, a 2.25 is just right.

The 2.5" Dissent that came on my Nimbus Drak (29" round crown) was already a bit snug.

That’s what I figured, the same will probably go for the Nimbus II as I measure my Nimbus II 24" and it was similar in dimensions to the KH 29.

Looks like it’s the Oregon or a custom frame, at least until someone else decides to build a production frame that’s wide enough for this tire.

Hey, Brycer and Tirving, don’t you guys know the shop/frame builder who made the Conundrum?? Maybe it’s time to redesign it, call it the “Big Conudrum”, and adjust the dimensions to fit the BFL and Knard :smiley:

All I’m waiting for is a price and availablity…this is gonna become my wet weather ride!

Seems incredibly light for a tyre that size - lighter than pretty much all the 26" tyres we’re using for muni isn’t it?

surlys facebook page exploded when they posted it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes and no, it is about same weight as a Hans Dampf and 20% larger, but the build is much lighter, more on the order of an Ardent or even lighter yet, so the stated weiggt is about right.

There are two versions, 27tpi and 120 tpi, wire bead and folding bead, so those probably pair up with 27tpi being wire and probably heavier by 100-150gms than the 120tpi/folding bead which is surely the weight spec’d.

I’m going to talk with my “source” and see which one he’s riding and what he knows about the options.

This is the tire I’ve been waiting on for over a year, ever since the Oregon came out and rumors started floating. Very cool.

I know the conundrum designer was living here in Portland. I never met him, but I know some other Unicycle Bastards did meet him at some ride. Yes, he was just the designer that Surly hired, and . . . . . I think its pretty clear that Surly is done with unicycle frames as of several years back. Who knows if they saved the tooling or if their interest in unis has changed with the fat tire bike explosion. Anyone know anyone at Surly. I played a small but key role in the Bastards burning that bridge to the ground back in 2009. . . . . sorry again Surly peoples. We do love the Conundrum


The Knard might just fit in a 2007 KH29 frame!

Your Rabbit Hole Looks Knardy

my 2007 KH29 frame has 82mm clearance and a 391mm crown height (782mm diameter)

It would probably rub on the turns and have negligible mud clearance but I might be able to jam one in there. If it stretches it can go in my Triton :smiley:

Darn u Eric and your triton

If it’s really that light, I wonder if there will be tire foldover issues. Looking forward to the review.