Introducing Orangina/Brake Handle on T7

Here she is. She’s more beautiful than I had imagined. Pictures don’t do her justice. The frame used to belong to Scot Cooper (he now has a custom carbon Calfee), and I had it and the T7 handle powder coated safety orange. I’m very pleased. I thought the blue handles would go nicely, but now that I see it together, I’m going to swap them out for black.

For you other guys using T7 handles, where do you mount the brake handle? I plan on mating this with a magura.

Lets try that again.

:astonished: That is beautiful.

Looks sweet!

Yeah, black handles would look better.

Nice, my brake handle’s on the right hand prong of the T7, if you turn it in just slightly it doesn’t get dropped on. You might need to cut down your grip on that side to give room for it.

That looks so awesome :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

thats pretty beautifull i hope its abit more orange than that cause that would make it even more awesome. good luck wiht the brakes… look in the gallery u’ll find loads,

Not to detract from the beauty of your new ride Mike, but do you have a photo of Scot’s new custom carbon Calfee? Is this a 36" frame made entirely from carbon fibre?

Would you ever consider a white rim by any chance. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: My coker will soon be powdercoated to resemble the australian flag.

I have an album with three pictures of that cycle, starting with this one. It looks like it’s all carbon except the bearing holders, which are probably on a lug-type attachment.

I think I’ll stick with the orange and black theme. I considered going orange with the rim, but I don’t think it would be worth the effort.

Thanks for posting pics of Scot’s uni. I should mention that it’s not exactly new. I think he’s had it for well over a year now.

I should also note, that thanks to Megumi, my uni’s now been renamed “orange julius”

the orange seat looks good

Yes, those pictures were taken on Feb. 4 of last year.

That’s a better fit! Orangina, the drink, is really yellow. Yours is the color of an Orange Julius.

I have Maguras on my Hunter 36" with T7 handle. The stock Magura brake hose is too short to reach the part that you place your hand (hand prong?) I ordered a hydraulic repair kit from Magura and the replacement hose fit perfectly. See photo below.

Ok, this might sound like a dumb question, but which is your dominant handle holding hand? ie did you mount it on the right prong because you’ve nearly always got a hand there, or because it’s out of the way and only used when you’ve got 2 hands on the handle?


Not a dumb question atall, I always rest my right hand on the right prong and mounted the handle on this side, not sure i trust myself to operate it with the left hand. There’s plenty of clearance between the prong and the brake lever to hold it wihtout the lever interferring.

And another:

Wow! 93,450 miles already! You’ve been going some! :smiley:

Well, you’ve given me a dilema now. I rest my left hand on the left prong for most of the time, and occasionally have both left and right resting together. However, I’m not sure that I trust my left hand for braking either. Hmmm…

I should get the brakes for this weekend, so I’ll see what feels comfortable I guess.


Alas that’s the time, gauge is on 171.5 miles so far.