Introducing "Drewzshoez"

Introducing “Drewzshoez”
A shoe for unicycling - especially offroad or street.
I wanted to put a good 100 miles on them before I posted. Done.

In the past, my shoes would get destroyed via the arches.
So much so, that I could see through the bottoms.
Moreover, the “grip” of the shoes on the pedals was not great in wet conditions.
Finally, when I would ride off-road and step off on a muddy hillside, I risked sprainage.

My solution was to get a new pair of hightops (for ankle support and protection)
and have a local shoe repair store glue desireable soles to the bottom. They
did not want to the job and offered no warranty. Nonetheless, I was persistent
(in part because I didn’t like the notion of wearing out a pair of shoes each month).
For me the problem is more significant because I wear the hard to acquire size 16.
They sanded down the existing sole and then used an especially strong glue.

Since innovating the shoe, I no longer have the problems that I had before.
I believe that I will be able to put 1-2000 rough miles on these shoes - perhaps more.
If the sole becomes damaged, it can be replaced.

A minor drawback to this setup is that it weighs noticeably more. It also took
me a few days to get used to the extra grip (imagine trying to shift your foot
and it seems glued to the pedal).

Overall, they have performed flawlessly.

An alternative is to contact cement cheap tire tread to the soles of your shoes.


didnt Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman do this with a waffle maker in the 80’s? :roll_eyes:

so whats the advantage over a pair of walking boots?

I need the arch in my unicycling shoes, because that’s how I position my foot - with the back of the pedal in the arch. How do you position your feet when unicycling?


I used to do that, then I got better and used the balls. But you’re better than me, so who am I to give advice.

I don’t understand why this is a problem. My shoes grip so much that I can only reposition my foot by taking it off in the air. Also they last a minimum of 6 months.

I look or feel for it.
I use different foot positions quite a bit, but mostly stick to the arch.

I’m not sure. You’d have to show me a pair of the walking boots. At least for me, the advantage is being able to get size 16.

well I can’t argue with that